Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Gift/Curse of Love

Why does love feel like a curse? I seem to notice a trend that when I come in contact with a man, espcially when we touch, they are able to sense an energy of love from me. I find that they want to love me back and return some of the love I have given them. They want to care for me and please me and see me smile. This makes me happy and I want to allow them to care for me, but I have to refrain. The more I give them the more they want and at some point I have to say no, as much as I would like to truly love and be loved. For one reason or another I know in my heart they are not the one for me. I am not allowed to just hand over the whole pie to them, instead I just cut out little slices and give them away. It hurts to have to deny them more and to deny myself their love. They also leave frustrated because they long to love me and be loved by me, too.

I hope that one day soon I will be able to hand over my whole heart to the right man. I do not enjoy breaking hearts. Perhaps I should lock myself away in a tower until my Prince comes along.

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