Friday, February 10, 2006

Civil or Celestial?

November 14: I guess there's really no reason why we couldn't be engaged before everything else happens. As wonderful as [Frankenstein] is, I just don't want to give my parents a heart attack, when I announce to them that I am going to marry a man who doesn't have a job or a car or a home or a temple recommend. Can you imagine? I mean I have to live with them, too (for a while longer). Yes, it did turn out to be a blessing that I was never sealed to my last husband. The civil divorce alone took over a year, partly because I lost contact with him a couple times because he was couch surfing and homeless after I left him. His first wife waited that long for him to write the letter that is required by the temple, explaining why they divorced. It was necessary in order to cancel the sealing so she could be remarried.

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