Thursday, April 28, 2005

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Hot Vs Cold

I got to see my favorite lover-boy, Fabio again on Tuesday. Mmm, he does me some good. I wish I could take him with me. In fact, he even made a comment about how he might have to find his way to the Tabernacle to snatch me up. I was flattered, but I told him not to get my hopes up.

I found out that he is 44 years old. He has never been married, but I'm sure he has had more than his share of romances. He's just not the marrying type. I think he enjoys being single. I also think it drives him crazy that I won't let him do more than kiss me.

Speaking of the Devil... He just called me as I was typing this. He expected me to be in Utah already. He teased me, telling me that I am already off of his list.

He also likes to bring up this other guy that swing dances who he knows has a crush on me. I shall name him Rupert. Fabio asked me if I have gone to lunch with Rupert yet, because Rupert told Fabio that he wanted to ask me out for lunch before I leave. As a matter of fact, I just went with him today.

He had a friend take some pictures of us dancing and he wanted to send them to me so I gave him my email. He took it as an opportunity to tell me all the details of his un-interesting life. He can sure bore a person with details.

He has even so much as named one of his model planes after me. Imagine if you will: Trixie, the B-50. In his email he included his knowledge of the construction of the plane, what kind of missions it was used for, where they all went down and who shot them down, how many of them there were, when they stopped making them, etc...

I went to lunch with him to be kind. I even took my son along with me. I forewarned him, and he did not mind at all. Now he wants to take me to dinner, but I think No. Usually after dinner they tend to expect a kiss and I simply could not muster one up for him.

Oh, joy...another email from Rupert just came in...I think he needs to start a blog rather than sending an account of his day to me in the form of an email.

My Trip to Maui

Betty and I flew to Maui today. There was a family seated in the row next to us, including the isle seat of our row. Betty sat next to the father. From the moment that he reached under her to get the seat belts, I could see she was tickled to be sitting next to him. He was pretty good looking and she was enjoying having some male companionship. She sure does miss having her husband around to give hugs to and to keep her warm at night. She was not shy about telling him that either. He was a good sport about it, especially after having some of what he and his sisters and their husbands were sharing, what they called "Fire Water". Betty's friend was there to greet us. She gave us both a lei to welcome us.

The air here is so fresh and clean. I love how all the buildings are not enclosed. Where there are walls, they are mostly glass. The weather is so ideal all year round that they can afford to let the easy breeze blow and the warm sun shine in. I have been leaving the windows to my room the way I found them, open. Our Hotel is right on the beach.

Our first night, we went to a popular place called Mama's Fish House with a married couple who are friends of Betty's. It is right on the beach, of course and they serve fish, gourmet Hawaiian style. They had a beautiful setting with glass windows looking out to the beach. Betty's friend asked me where I am from because she detected an accent. She described it as a click in my speech. I tried their alcohol free lime and peppermint cooler to drink and Ono fish, country style. For desert I had the black pearl. Mmm it was beautiful and delicious. There were two edible chocolate shell wafers that stood open to reveal this perfectly rounded mound of chocolate mousse covered with chocolate syrup.
I was anxious to get down to the beach and Betty asked me the night before not to come at the crack of dawn because she wanted to rest in the morning, so I went down and had some breakfast then went for a walk along the beach with all the other Seniors and hard-bodies. When I got back at 9am I found that Betty had been looking for me for an hour. She had even enlisted her neighbors to help her find me. He was to be married the same afternoon, but he was very kind to help Betty find me. Although, I was not lost, I was only on the beach. I think she has finally forgiven me because she only mentions it every 3 hours instead of every 1/2 hour. OK, yes I am exaggerating a tad.

We had breakfast and went to Kaiser so Betty could have a blood test done to have the results faxed to her Dr. in Sacramento. After that we went shopping for a bathing suit for Betty. She saw this bright pink, orange and yellow bikini that she had to try on. The woman has never owned a bikini before and she is always complaining of how she wants to loose her belly that she never used to have and here she is trying on a bikini. She cracks me up sometimes. I'm glad we were able to talk her into a one-piece.

We spent some time lying in the sun, then I got warm and decided to take a dip in the ocean. I was out there flirting with the waves, when along came three young men speaking German to each other. They had been snorkeling, but they took it off and they were swimming and playing around me. After a short while I looked back at the beach and saw that Betty was looking for me. I hated to go, but it was about time for us to get ready because we were planning to go to the Square Dance Class that night. I told her about the boys and she asked, "And they didn't follow you? Well, what's the matter with them?" I told her I must have ran too fast for them.

Once we were all ready to go Square Dancing, we found out that it had been canceled. We went out to dinner at a Canton restaurant for dinner. Betty had pot stickers for the first time.

Friday morning we went to take a look around Betty's daughter's favorite hotel, The Grand Wailea. It is a luxurious, ritzy place. We had the buffet there. I tried, for the first time a liche nut. They boil them and they become soft like a fruit. The hotel lobby was open to the fresh air. There were falls as you drive up to the entrance. There were tiled water ways weaving under the walking path to the various wings. Tropical flowers and plants were growing all around. There was a shallow pool with a mermaid sculpture and a couple of wood canoes in it. I also enjoyed the larger than life black bronze sculptures of plump nudes. Several walls were covered with giant painting and mosaics. Breathtaking.

From there, we made another visit to Kaiser for 3 hours, so Betty could have her favorite Doctor that she has a crush on, look at her foot. She thinks about him 24/7. She fantacizes that he might show up at her room while she is in her nightgown, even. She tells me that they have smacked lips before and she was hoping for the same again when she saw him, but he had to make an escape because he was so busy.

He prescribed some support stockings for her swollen foot. I could tell it was helping within just an hour. After that we had to rush off to the other end of the island to meet up with her friends again to see a show called Ulalena. It is a production that has been playing for several years now. It tells a little bit of the history, mingled with ancient myth of the Islands of Hawaii. There was fantastic dancing, and costumes, and props. Shows like that always miss my dancing performance days. I wanted to be right up there with them.

After the show we went to dinner at a place called Cheeseburgers in Paradise. I had the guacamole hamburger. Betty had what they called the Black and Blue. It has blue cheese and bacon. She decided that it was the best hamburger that she has ever had. They were delicious.

Saturday I got up and went down to the beach again. I laid in the sun for a while, then swam in the waves. We had brunch at Denny's again. I think the highlight of my day was checking my email and finding an admiring email from my new friend in Utah.

That evening was to be what Betty understood to be a formal memorial for her husband, the reason she wanted to make the trip to be here at this time. It turned out to be an informal get-together with old friends of theirs. They made her husband's favorite dish and desert, lasagna and lemon meringue pie.

I got to meet Betty's friends whom I have heard so much about. I feel like I almost know Betty's husband after hearing so much about him from her and her friends. He seems like he was a pretty impressive man with many talents. He was able to make a living at Square Dance Calling. He also painted and had other hobbies. He waited on Betty hand and foot. He did everything for her, such that there are many things that she does not know how to do for herself, so that in many ways she is rendered helpless.

She is so thankful to me for all the help that I have given her. She could not have made the trip alone and she realizes that. Her and her daughter would like to hog tie me to keep me from moving to Utah, so I can stay and help Betty out. In fact, Betty even said, yesterday that she would marry me, but she admitted that it wouldn't work out because I don't like girls.

I took another opportunity to get down to the beach this morning. I walked down the beach to the magnificent resort that we had breakfast at on Friday. It only took 15 min to get there and I must say that the beach at our hotel is much, much better than theirs. When I got back to my spot on the beach, I spent 40 minutes floating in the waves. I was trying to kill three or four birds with one stone. I was getting exercise by keeping my legs up at the surface to get some sun, while having fun and impressing the guy swimming next to me.

Later, we went to Hilo Hattie's in La Haina because it was near where we would need to be for the Marriott Luau later in the evening. That place is the mega mart of Hawaiian souvenirs. I wanted to get some good Hawaiian music and I picked up this compilation CD of Reggae In Paradise of cheesy synthesizer music. I have heard some good music on the radio stations, but this isn't it.

The Marriot Luau Hotel is right off the beach. Their Hotel pool is more like a water park with slides and falls and mock ships and jungle foliage. We were seated at the Luau by this good-looking young man with a perfectly dark tan. When he lead us to the banquet room later, Betty said to me, referring to him, "To die for!!" with a big grin on her face. He heard her and turned around and blushed. "The color." she explained. I confessed to him that she wasn't just talking about the color.

They invited people from the audience to get up to learn a hula dance. I thought about going up, but I guess I was feeling bashful. There was another opportunity at the end, but we ran out of film just before the highlight of the show, the fire dancer, so I reasoned that I wouldn't be able to take a picture of it, even if I did. They took pictures of everyone before the show and decided to buy them because they turned out so nicely. We were the last customers and they gave us each a DVD of the show.

I wanted to have one last chance to catch some sun before I get back to Sacramento, otherwise no one will believe that I was here if I come back as pale as I left. I got up at 6am to get to the beach. At 6:30 there were already people on the beach walking. I was hoping for a spot of sun, but it had yet to touch the sand, so I took a walk. When I returned to the hotel, I could see a patch of sun on the grass. I pulled the lawn chair into it, but it didn't last long before a palm tree invaded it. I gave in and went up to my room to get ready to go to the airport.

Another Open House

The Open House went well on Sunday. We had 6 visitors. There was even a couple that came from our Ward. I didn't know them, but they asked where we are moving to and he replied that he went to BYU. I could see the question on his face..."Yeah, we are LDS too." I told him.
I already knew they were because his wife's garments were hanging below her shirt. They recognized Guy because he goes to the nursery with my parents half of the time.
I took Guy for a short ride into Folsom and when we got back there was another family that wanted to see the house. They have a boy just a few months younger than Guy. When I asked him his name he said, "Logan Two". Hee hee, we all got a laugh out of who Logan One is. The mother was telling me how they had been discouraged with finding a house because they hadn't managed to act fast enough. They had already put in three offers, but were too late. They made an offer on our house the next day with a contingency on whether they can fit their boat in the garage or not. They came over yesterday with their boad to test it, but were unsuccessful. They were considering what their options were. We haven't heard back from them as to what their decision was. We are still getting calls from other people who are interested.
Monday I helped Betty, the one I am going to Maui with, get to Kaiser because she woke up with a swollen ankle on Sunday. I had Guy with me and we ended up spending four hours at Kaiser after getting an X-ray and seeing the Dr. twice and waiting for the prescription. Guy was such a good boy for the majority of the time. After a while it was obvious that he needed a nap.
Then I had to rush off to the airport to pick up my parents. They were excited about the house we will be living in temporarily as well as some of the houses for sale that they got to look at. I hope they find a home that they can be happy in.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Our Own Reunion

Saturday morning we had 9 men show up to help move boxes from the storage unit to the moving truck. They had it done in 45 minutes! I was quite impressed. My parents left here at about 10am. They had no trouble with the truck, it was brand new, so I should expect they wouldn't. Unlike the Uhaul trucks that get run into the ground, like the one we took when Stanley and I moved back to Utah that made black smoke and struggled up the hills.

A new friend of mine wanted to visit some thrift shops in Sacramento. I invited my friend that came back from Verginia to come along too. We hit up the Thrift store strip on Manzanita. I got Guy a tricycle. It was only $3. I was going to wait til we got to Utah before buying him a bike so we wouldn't have to haul it, but at that price, I figured I could afford to dispose of it if I had to.

While we were out I got a call from another friend that I haven't seen in years. She was in Hawaii when I had the girl party, so she couldn't make it, but wanted to see me before I moved. We decided to have dinner in Folsom later. I invited my other dancing buddy to come out with us too. We went to La Hacienda in Old Folsom. We reminisced about the HS days including the upcoming 10 year reunion, caught up on each other's lives and shared any recent gossip we had heard.

After dinner we stopped in to get some ice cream or candy at the shop on the corner. We were about to walk by my aunt's art studio and I suggested that we go up and take a look. Guy lead the way as if he knew just where he was going. He has been there a few times with me, but it has been a while. He has a good sence of direction. Grant was at the end of the hallway and saw Guy and wondered who this cute kid was. Then Guy said to him, "Hi Grant." Guy did have a hat on, so Grant took a good look to see who it was and realized it was Guy.

My closer friends came back to my house and we watched Vanity Fair. I actually quite enjoyed it. I thought she was a fool for what happened between her and her husband, of course it's all for the story. The wardrobes were marvelous.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

In Transition

I have had a wonderful week, this week. I already gave my notice at work, so I have been off of work and my moving plans have been delayed because of Maui.

I have been able to spend some play time with Guy. We went to the park a couple of times. We played on the playground, he ran around the baseball diamond a few times with some other kids, we pet two giant dogs, and his favorite part was building a sand castle.

I have been exercising daily and being mindfull of what I eat. My friend's boyfriend teaches a Cardio Kick Boxing class at a gym just down the street. She wanted to try the class out and she invited me to join her. I loved it. I learned an exercise that may help my postpartum tummy trouble. I was feeling so energized after the class that I walked home. Even the next day, I felt so great that I went to try on some baithing suits. Then reality hit! What?, it doesn't go away over night? Humph! Of course I knew that but I wanted to get something to tan in the back yard in. I gave up though and decided a bra and panties would do for now. So this morning, Guy and I lounged in the sun for a bit and did some exercises and danced to Erasure for another half an hour and ate apples with cream cheese and carrots.

This afternoon one of the first potential buyers for the house came by again to look at the house. The buyer that we had backed out because there has been an adjustment made with the Governmental property lines and flood risk areas. For some reason after they made the adjustments the flood insurance on the house will jump from $5000 per year to $23000, something we were unaware of. This could set our plans back even further and my parents will probably have to sell at a lower price.

My Mom was informed that she is going to have a new boss, effective the first of next month. She is not intersted in working for this new boss. She knows him and she feels unworthy of the position they have for her, plus she doesn't feel like he will value her the way her present boss does. She is likely to leave her job sooner than she anticipated. All depending on the sale of the house.

My parents are making a trip out to Utah this weekend to take a truck load of stuff. Particualarly things that we won't need for a while, namely my household items. I will stay here with Guy and be in charge of the Open House on Sunday from 1 to 4. Before I knew about this I was going to sneak away and take Guy to a free concert by Swing Session at the Sacramento Library, from 2 to 4, but I guess that won't be happening. Shucks, oh well. It's the least I can do help my parents out.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Non-Slumbering Party

I wanted to have one last, party with all of my girlfriends in Sacramento before I go. I even decided to have it be a Slumber Party. Fewer showed up than said they could come, and all but one went home to go to bed, but we had a fun time with the group that was here. I had intentions of doing manicures and, but we just watched "Pirates of the Caribean" and played the game "Scene it?".

I think it would be a good idea to have a party after I get to Utah, once I have met a few people. I need to get out to the activities more, too. Even better, I just need to get up to SLC frequently to meet some people who are interested in culture.

Maui, Here We Come!

I was planning to be leaving for Utah this coming weekend, but it turns out that I will be going to Maui the following week, so I will be going out with my dad at the end of the month when we have to be out of the house.

They are paying my way for everything. It may be the only time I get to go in my lifetime. Hm, can I loose 15 lbs in a week and a half? One pound a day.. uh ok, no. I am off work this week though, I could take some time to go jogging in the mornings at least. Yeah.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Reuniting of the Three Amigos

One of my best friends got back in town yesterday. Her and my other salsa dancing friend all met up again tonight to go dancing. It was like old times again when the three of us would go out every week together.

The salsa place was more dead than usual. I guess there was some competition in Reno this weekend. I only knew a few people there, including a girl from my ward that I had never seen any where besides church.

Towards the end of the night this guy asks me to dance who does not know how to salsa dance and he had obviously had a few too many. He starts going on about how I am so beautiful and he has a 5 bedroom house that he is all alone in and he needs a woman to keep him company. I tried to discourage him by telling him I am moving in a couple weeks. He asked where, Utah, I told him. And guess what he asked me......"Are you Mormon?"

"Yes," I said, with a grin. I was hoping this might discourage him since the fact that I am moving didn't seem to phase him, but no! Instead he gets into how he has a friend who told him he was going to set him up with a nice Mormon girl. Then he says that he has been praying for someone to come into his life to share his house with otherwise he would likely sell it. He was trying to talk me out of moving away. What's more is he wanted me to take his cell phone home with him so he could call me on it. Now that's original!

Future Plans

Today was my last day of work. I said all my last Goodbyes to my clients. It was not easy to do. Each of them told me how they will miss me and begged me to stay. One even invited me to go to Maui with her for a Square Dancing Event where they will be paying tribute to her deceased husband, who was a World Famous Square Dance Caller. No one else she knows was able to go with her and she doesn't feel comfortable navigating her way around the airport or Maui alone. That happens the week after I was planning to leave, so I figred it would be best to stay put if I do that. I will find out tomorrow if I am going or not depending on if there were any flights still available. Looks like I need to stick around anyway to get my car fixed and sold.

Speaking of things being sold. My parents' house sold on Thursday. They got what they were asking, plus a tiny bit more. They should feel good about that. It sold for a couple grand more than they bought it for. May 6th is the day we all need to be out by. Looks like I will be moving out with my Dad the week just prior to that day.

If I could get paid just $5 more an hour at that job I would have it made. I can work for the same company once I move because they have a franchise out that way. I still haven't decided what I am going to do for work. I was planning to do Medical Transcription, but my sister-in-law says that those jobs are saturated in Utah because of all the other mothers that want to stay home with their kids.

We were trying to brain storm to think of other means of work for me. It would be easy money for me to get a job as a waitress in the evenings so my parents could watch Guy for me. This would take up all my Friday and Saturday nights when I would rather be out dancing.

My brother mentioned that the airline Jet Blue hires people to work from their homes. I don't know exactly what the job is, but I would be on the phone or have to sign in at a certain time, I may as well be in an office.

My mom suggested taking on a couple of kids to watch during the day. Although I haven't ruled out the possibility, I would expect to have a hard time finding children to watch because there are a bazillion other mothers that get to stay home and are glad to watch other kids in the day for next to nothing. I would need to invest in some toys and a few other items, depending on their age.

She also mentioned the idea of teaching ballet to a few neighborhood girls. That is something I would really enjoy. I would have to have the proper space in the house to hold the lessons in. A room with wood floors, a mirrored wall and a bar mounted to the wall. I would also need to invest in a few refresher courses for myself.

I was wishing that I had taken that $6000 that I spent on the bogus web builder business and put it towards opening my own shop. I would sell antiques, costumes, vintage clothing, and other fun funky items. Antiques have become popular again. Especially antique jewlery. I have admired the colorful gem broaches that I see in the glass cases for many years now. I wish I had a boy friend that would buy me one, a peacock one would just clinch it for me. I found some cheapy ones for a few dollars each and bought a few. They will have to do in the mean time.

I also have secret plans to write a book about my ex-husband's experience with his memory loss. I will be asking him and a few other people some questions about the whole event and compiling it all into a story. It may or may not bring me some money.

Perhaps I should go back to school and live off of a student loan until Guy starts school. When he goes to school, I won't have to afford day care anymore, so I might actually be able to get some where....some day, some how, some way...

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Trixie is a Lady After All

I have been home for a few hours now and I am still trying to sort out what just happend at swing dancing tonight.

I went alone, but hoped to meet up with my friend to go salsa dancing after. When I ent to get some money out of my purse before I got out of the car, I realized I had left my purse with my wallet and phone at home. I grabbed the Mother ship, thinking that the baby ship was in it, (speaking about my purses.) So, had to scrounge up some change from the car and I was still a dollar short. I wrote them an IOU.

My friend, Fabio mentioned he might be there tonight. He told me to bring my lips! He came almost at the end while I was dancing with Burp, who actually asked me to dance for once. I tried to get Fabio to get out on the dance floor with me. I pulled, but he had his tough cheeks glued to those steps. The DJ was encouraging him, but to no avail.

He asked who I came with. I told him, "Me, Myself and I." He told me, "You know we are kissing later tonight, right?" I told him as long as he would dance with me. His excuse was that he doesn't know any moves, which I know isn't acurate. I gave up on him and asked someone else to dance.

Mr. Tilt a Whirl kept asking me to dance like he did on Tuesday. I think he is trying to break a record for how many spins his partner does consecutively. All the other girls complain about him and they refuse to spin to many times. I don't mind the spinning, but he asked me to dance about 6 times. I rarely dance with the same partner twice in a night and we danced 3 times. He even asked me for my phone number while I was changing my shoes. I told him there's not much point because I will be moving in a few weeks.

Burp followed me to the drinking fountain and cornered me to nible on my ear. He just wants to tease me and for me to be mad about him. Well, I'm not going to give him the pleasure. He pretty much invited me to go make-out with him from there. I told him I already have someone waiting. (I just now realized that I used his own line on him again.) 100 points for me! He smiled and accused me of lying. I told him, "No, I'm serious."

"Is he Mormon?", Burp asked.
"Heh, No." I replied.

Then we discussed whether I would get in trouble if I did meet up with this other guy. I assumed I would.

Then the DJ interrupted and asked why I had such an intent look on my face. Burp filled him on how I was trying to decide whether to meet up with some guy right now or not. "Oh, a Booty Call?", he says out loud. His advice was to go for it as long as it isn't someone I have feelings for. Then he asked me if I went away for a while and came back. I figured he was talking about the time that I spent in the lobby when Fabio was telling me sweet nothings and invited me to meet up with him in a certain parking lot.

I thought DJ was pretty observant to notice my being gone. I admitted that I was out for a bit and that that's when I received the Booty Call proposal. He explained that he wasn't talking about my being gone tonight, but then he became curious to know who it was. I didn't want to tell him, because I knew he knows him. DJ tried to convince me that he would forget by tomorrow, but I disagreed. He finally pried it out of me in private. His response was that he(Fabio) is a good one (to have a one night stand with.) Well, duh! I don't doubt he is a great lover. My flesh was saying Yes, Yes, Yes, but my Spirit was telling me NO, NO, NO!

I said Adiou to Burp. He asked me if I am planning to meet up with the other guy. I shook my head, no. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes," I insisted. He hugged me and started in on my ear again. Does he think I am going to just jump him right there when he does that? I don't understand. Surely he realizes that I have built up a resistance to him by now. I asked him if that was an invitation. "If you want it to be," he said.

"No," I pronounced. Then I walked off and out the door.

I knew I needed to get on the freeway in a hurry before I ended up in a parking lot with an Uber Hot and Sexy Man who was ready to give it to me!

Our House Is For Sale!!!

The house just went on the market on Wednesday. We got a call from someone today that will come by on Saturday to view the house. Sunday we are having an open house.

You can view a virtual tour on the internet. It's the second one down, Cameron Park North. Even my bedroon is on there, 2nd bedroom.

We have stepped up to the obsessive cleaning stage. Making sure the house is immaculate each morning before work is a little tricky. We have been eating out I took Guy to the YSA activity tonight to keep him out of the house for a while, (fewer toys, messes and spills to pick up.)