Saturday, April 02, 2005

Trixie is a Lady After All

I have been home for a few hours now and I am still trying to sort out what just happend at swing dancing tonight.

I went alone, but hoped to meet up with my friend to go salsa dancing after. When I ent to get some money out of my purse before I got out of the car, I realized I had left my purse with my wallet and phone at home. I grabbed the Mother ship, thinking that the baby ship was in it, (speaking about my purses.) So, had to scrounge up some change from the car and I was still a dollar short. I wrote them an IOU.

My friend, Fabio mentioned he might be there tonight. He told me to bring my lips! He came almost at the end while I was dancing with Burp, who actually asked me to dance for once. I tried to get Fabio to get out on the dance floor with me. I pulled, but he had his tough cheeks glued to those steps. The DJ was encouraging him, but to no avail.

He asked who I came with. I told him, "Me, Myself and I." He told me, "You know we are kissing later tonight, right?" I told him as long as he would dance with me. His excuse was that he doesn't know any moves, which I know isn't acurate. I gave up on him and asked someone else to dance.

Mr. Tilt a Whirl kept asking me to dance like he did on Tuesday. I think he is trying to break a record for how many spins his partner does consecutively. All the other girls complain about him and they refuse to spin to many times. I don't mind the spinning, but he asked me to dance about 6 times. I rarely dance with the same partner twice in a night and we danced 3 times. He even asked me for my phone number while I was changing my shoes. I told him there's not much point because I will be moving in a few weeks.

Burp followed me to the drinking fountain and cornered me to nible on my ear. He just wants to tease me and for me to be mad about him. Well, I'm not going to give him the pleasure. He pretty much invited me to go make-out with him from there. I told him I already have someone waiting. (I just now realized that I used his own line on him again.) 100 points for me! He smiled and accused me of lying. I told him, "No, I'm serious."

"Is he Mormon?", Burp asked.
"Heh, No." I replied.

Then we discussed whether I would get in trouble if I did meet up with this other guy. I assumed I would.

Then the DJ interrupted and asked why I had such an intent look on my face. Burp filled him on how I was trying to decide whether to meet up with some guy right now or not. "Oh, a Booty Call?", he says out loud. His advice was to go for it as long as it isn't someone I have feelings for. Then he asked me if I went away for a while and came back. I figured he was talking about the time that I spent in the lobby when Fabio was telling me sweet nothings and invited me to meet up with him in a certain parking lot.

I thought DJ was pretty observant to notice my being gone. I admitted that I was out for a bit and that that's when I received the Booty Call proposal. He explained that he wasn't talking about my being gone tonight, but then he became curious to know who it was. I didn't want to tell him, because I knew he knows him. DJ tried to convince me that he would forget by tomorrow, but I disagreed. He finally pried it out of me in private. His response was that he(Fabio) is a good one (to have a one night stand with.) Well, duh! I don't doubt he is a great lover. My flesh was saying Yes, Yes, Yes, but my Spirit was telling me NO, NO, NO!

I said Adiou to Burp. He asked me if I am planning to meet up with the other guy. I shook my head, no. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes," I insisted. He hugged me and started in on my ear again. Does he think I am going to just jump him right there when he does that? I don't understand. Surely he realizes that I have built up a resistance to him by now. I asked him if that was an invitation. "If you want it to be," he said.

"No," I pronounced. Then I walked off and out the door.

I knew I needed to get on the freeway in a hurry before I ended up in a parking lot with an Uber Hot and Sexy Man who was ready to give it to me!

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