Saturday, April 16, 2005

In Transition

I have had a wonderful week, this week. I already gave my notice at work, so I have been off of work and my moving plans have been delayed because of Maui.

I have been able to spend some play time with Guy. We went to the park a couple of times. We played on the playground, he ran around the baseball diamond a few times with some other kids, we pet two giant dogs, and his favorite part was building a sand castle.

I have been exercising daily and being mindfull of what I eat. My friend's boyfriend teaches a Cardio Kick Boxing class at a gym just down the street. She wanted to try the class out and she invited me to join her. I loved it. I learned an exercise that may help my postpartum tummy trouble. I was feeling so energized after the class that I walked home. Even the next day, I felt so great that I went to try on some baithing suits. Then reality hit! What?, it doesn't go away over night? Humph! Of course I knew that but I wanted to get something to tan in the back yard in. I gave up though and decided a bra and panties would do for now. So this morning, Guy and I lounged in the sun for a bit and did some exercises and danced to Erasure for another half an hour and ate apples with cream cheese and carrots.

This afternoon one of the first potential buyers for the house came by again to look at the house. The buyer that we had backed out because there has been an adjustment made with the Governmental property lines and flood risk areas. For some reason after they made the adjustments the flood insurance on the house will jump from $5000 per year to $23000, something we were unaware of. This could set our plans back even further and my parents will probably have to sell at a lower price.

My Mom was informed that she is going to have a new boss, effective the first of next month. She is not intersted in working for this new boss. She knows him and she feels unworthy of the position they have for her, plus she doesn't feel like he will value her the way her present boss does. She is likely to leave her job sooner than she anticipated. All depending on the sale of the house.

My parents are making a trip out to Utah this weekend to take a truck load of stuff. Particualarly things that we won't need for a while, namely my household items. I will stay here with Guy and be in charge of the Open House on Sunday from 1 to 4. Before I knew about this I was going to sneak away and take Guy to a free concert by Swing Session at the Sacramento Library, from 2 to 4, but I guess that won't be happening. Shucks, oh well. It's the least I can do help my parents out.

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