Thursday, April 28, 2005

Another Open House

The Open House went well on Sunday. We had 6 visitors. There was even a couple that came from our Ward. I didn't know them, but they asked where we are moving to and he replied that he went to BYU. I could see the question on his face..."Yeah, we are LDS too." I told him.
I already knew they were because his wife's garments were hanging below her shirt. They recognized Guy because he goes to the nursery with my parents half of the time.
I took Guy for a short ride into Folsom and when we got back there was another family that wanted to see the house. They have a boy just a few months younger than Guy. When I asked him his name he said, "Logan Two". Hee hee, we all got a laugh out of who Logan One is. The mother was telling me how they had been discouraged with finding a house because they hadn't managed to act fast enough. They had already put in three offers, but were too late. They made an offer on our house the next day with a contingency on whether they can fit their boat in the garage or not. They came over yesterday with their boad to test it, but were unsuccessful. They were considering what their options were. We haven't heard back from them as to what their decision was. We are still getting calls from other people who are interested.
Monday I helped Betty, the one I am going to Maui with, get to Kaiser because she woke up with a swollen ankle on Sunday. I had Guy with me and we ended up spending four hours at Kaiser after getting an X-ray and seeing the Dr. twice and waiting for the prescription. Guy was such a good boy for the majority of the time. After a while it was obvious that he needed a nap.
Then I had to rush off to the airport to pick up my parents. They were excited about the house we will be living in temporarily as well as some of the houses for sale that they got to look at. I hope they find a home that they can be happy in.

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