Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Reuniting of the Three Amigos

One of my best friends got back in town yesterday. Her and my other salsa dancing friend all met up again tonight to go dancing. It was like old times again when the three of us would go out every week together.

The salsa place was more dead than usual. I guess there was some competition in Reno this weekend. I only knew a few people there, including a girl from my ward that I had never seen any where besides church.

Towards the end of the night this guy asks me to dance who does not know how to salsa dance and he had obviously had a few too many. He starts going on about how I am so beautiful and he has a 5 bedroom house that he is all alone in and he needs a woman to keep him company. I tried to discourage him by telling him I am moving in a couple weeks. He asked where, Utah, I told him. And guess what he asked me......"Are you Mormon?"

"Yes," I said, with a grin. I was hoping this might discourage him since the fact that I am moving didn't seem to phase him, but no! Instead he gets into how he has a friend who told him he was going to set him up with a nice Mormon girl. Then he says that he has been praying for someone to come into his life to share his house with otherwise he would likely sell it. He was trying to talk me out of moving away. What's more is he wanted me to take his cell phone home with him so he could call me on it. Now that's original!

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