Saturday, April 09, 2005

Future Plans

Today was my last day of work. I said all my last Goodbyes to my clients. It was not easy to do. Each of them told me how they will miss me and begged me to stay. One even invited me to go to Maui with her for a Square Dancing Event where they will be paying tribute to her deceased husband, who was a World Famous Square Dance Caller. No one else she knows was able to go with her and she doesn't feel comfortable navigating her way around the airport or Maui alone. That happens the week after I was planning to leave, so I figred it would be best to stay put if I do that. I will find out tomorrow if I am going or not depending on if there were any flights still available. Looks like I need to stick around anyway to get my car fixed and sold.

Speaking of things being sold. My parents' house sold on Thursday. They got what they were asking, plus a tiny bit more. They should feel good about that. It sold for a couple grand more than they bought it for. May 6th is the day we all need to be out by. Looks like I will be moving out with my Dad the week just prior to that day.

If I could get paid just $5 more an hour at that job I would have it made. I can work for the same company once I move because they have a franchise out that way. I still haven't decided what I am going to do for work. I was planning to do Medical Transcription, but my sister-in-law says that those jobs are saturated in Utah because of all the other mothers that want to stay home with their kids.

We were trying to brain storm to think of other means of work for me. It would be easy money for me to get a job as a waitress in the evenings so my parents could watch Guy for me. This would take up all my Friday and Saturday nights when I would rather be out dancing.

My brother mentioned that the airline Jet Blue hires people to work from their homes. I don't know exactly what the job is, but I would be on the phone or have to sign in at a certain time, I may as well be in an office.

My mom suggested taking on a couple of kids to watch during the day. Although I haven't ruled out the possibility, I would expect to have a hard time finding children to watch because there are a bazillion other mothers that get to stay home and are glad to watch other kids in the day for next to nothing. I would need to invest in some toys and a few other items, depending on their age.

She also mentioned the idea of teaching ballet to a few neighborhood girls. That is something I would really enjoy. I would have to have the proper space in the house to hold the lessons in. A room with wood floors, a mirrored wall and a bar mounted to the wall. I would also need to invest in a few refresher courses for myself.

I was wishing that I had taken that $6000 that I spent on the bogus web builder business and put it towards opening my own shop. I would sell antiques, costumes, vintage clothing, and other fun funky items. Antiques have become popular again. Especially antique jewlery. I have admired the colorful gem broaches that I see in the glass cases for many years now. I wish I had a boy friend that would buy me one, a peacock one would just clinch it for me. I found some cheapy ones for a few dollars each and bought a few. They will have to do in the mean time.

I also have secret plans to write a book about my ex-husband's experience with his memory loss. I will be asking him and a few other people some questions about the whole event and compiling it all into a story. It may or may not bring me some money.

Perhaps I should go back to school and live off of a student loan until Guy starts school. When he goes to school, I won't have to afford day care anymore, so I might actually be able to get some where....some day, some how, some way...

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