Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hot Vs Cold

I got to see my favorite lover-boy, Fabio again on Tuesday. Mmm, he does me some good. I wish I could take him with me. In fact, he even made a comment about how he might have to find his way to the Tabernacle to snatch me up. I was flattered, but I told him not to get my hopes up.

I found out that he is 44 years old. He has never been married, but I'm sure he has had more than his share of romances. He's just not the marrying type. I think he enjoys being single. I also think it drives him crazy that I won't let him do more than kiss me.

Speaking of the Devil... He just called me as I was typing this. He expected me to be in Utah already. He teased me, telling me that I am already off of his list.

He also likes to bring up this other guy that swing dances who he knows has a crush on me. I shall name him Rupert. Fabio asked me if I have gone to lunch with Rupert yet, because Rupert told Fabio that he wanted to ask me out for lunch before I leave. As a matter of fact, I just went with him today.

He had a friend take some pictures of us dancing and he wanted to send them to me so I gave him my email. He took it as an opportunity to tell me all the details of his un-interesting life. He can sure bore a person with details.

He has even so much as named one of his model planes after me. Imagine if you will: Trixie, the B-50. In his email he included his knowledge of the construction of the plane, what kind of missions it was used for, where they all went down and who shot them down, how many of them there were, when they stopped making them, etc...

I went to lunch with him to be kind. I even took my son along with me. I forewarned him, and he did not mind at all. Now he wants to take me to dinner, but I think No. Usually after dinner they tend to expect a kiss and I simply could not muster one up for him.

Oh, joy...another email from Rupert just came in...I think he needs to start a blog rather than sending an account of his day to me in the form of an email.

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