Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Our Own Reunion

Saturday morning we had 9 men show up to help move boxes from the storage unit to the moving truck. They had it done in 45 minutes! I was quite impressed. My parents left here at about 10am. They had no trouble with the truck, it was brand new, so I should expect they wouldn't. Unlike the Uhaul trucks that get run into the ground, like the one we took when Stanley and I moved back to Utah that made black smoke and struggled up the hills.

A new friend of mine wanted to visit some thrift shops in Sacramento. I invited my friend that came back from Verginia to come along too. We hit up the Thrift store strip on Manzanita. I got Guy a tricycle. It was only $3. I was going to wait til we got to Utah before buying him a bike so we wouldn't have to haul it, but at that price, I figured I could afford to dispose of it if I had to.

While we were out I got a call from another friend that I haven't seen in years. She was in Hawaii when I had the girl party, so she couldn't make it, but wanted to see me before I moved. We decided to have dinner in Folsom later. I invited my other dancing buddy to come out with us too. We went to La Hacienda in Old Folsom. We reminisced about the HS days including the upcoming 10 year reunion, caught up on each other's lives and shared any recent gossip we had heard.

After dinner we stopped in to get some ice cream or candy at the shop on the corner. We were about to walk by my aunt's art studio and I suggested that we go up and take a look. Guy lead the way as if he knew just where he was going. He has been there a few times with me, but it has been a while. He has a good sence of direction. Grant was at the end of the hallway and saw Guy and wondered who this cute kid was. Then Guy said to him, "Hi Grant." Guy did have a hat on, so Grant took a good look to see who it was and realized it was Guy.

My closer friends came back to my house and we watched Vanity Fair. I actually quite enjoyed it. I thought she was a fool for what happened between her and her husband, of course it's all for the story. The wardrobes were marvelous.

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