Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Wrestling no Match

I signed back up on the LDS dating web site. There are so ver many more people on there. They must get 100 new people a day. I was innondated with smiles and cards, emails and pm's within the first few days. It was difficult to respond to all of them, so I choose not to respond to some, others got a thanks, but no thanks. Then there were a few older men that seemed like possiblities, they hit me up for a night out of dancing.

The first date I made was with this student from UVSC. I was hesitant when I found out that it was my pictures with my arms raised and centered on my chest that got his attention. And here I thought it was because of all the charming things I said in my profile, that they would want me for my personality.? Huh, I guess I was giving men too much credit.

So, Skippy got very creative on where we should go for our date. It was agreed that it needed to be in public place so that he would not be tempted to find out what was under that yellow sweater. Of all places, he took me to Highschool Wrestling! I busted out laughing when he told me where we were going. I thought he was kidding. No, he wasn't. The McKay Center was having a HS Wrestling championship for three days. We stayed for maybe 40 minutes, about 40 minutes longer than I cared to stay. I pretended to be interested. I didn't have a clue about the rules, so he was filling me in.

We stopped in at Krispy Kream to have some hot chocolate and a donut after. I got the impression that he was ready to call it a night, then he asked about what happened with my ex-husband and I tried to make the very long story brief. We talked about live music for a while.

Then he said what I was thinking, "Well, it's almost 10:00, shall we call it a night?"

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