Friday, February 10, 2006


October 31: Robbie and Guy and I went trick or treating through the Sandy Mall, then through the neighborhood. We had a good time. Guy got scared by the Dragon's lair in our neighbor's garage. They go all out for Halloween. There were lit up ghosts flying around the houses in the court with a wire cable.

Guy wanted to be Superman Guy for Halloween, so I stayed up late making a costume for him. I made an S out of yellow felt and red velveteen and sewed it to a blue sweatshirt, then attached a red satin cape at the collar. Then I made the cutest little red velveteen shorts, but I managed to forget to put a zipper in them so they were a little tight going on, but I just knew they would fit once they got over his hiney. He refused to wear them and the spats. *Sigh..*

No, I don't have any pictures of that either! My sister in law took several, but I still have not layed eyes on them, even after much asking.

I dressed as a flapper girl for work and wore my mink stoll with my brown, mini-polka-dot, crepe, hankerchief hem dress, brown fish-nets and finger waves in my hair.

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