Friday, February 10, 2006

Who is Mr. Right?

November 15: I'm really not sure how this is all going to play out with [Frankenstein] and I. There was a period where I debated whether I should break up with him and move on. I have dated many, many guys, but there is always something from the basic requirements that they lack. Those requirements are: over 27 years old, LDS and active * bonus if they have a recommend or are an RM, out of college, have a decent steady job, speak English, physically fit, moderately good looking, with a personality, mentally ready for marriage, who'll treat me nice and not take advantage of me, gets along well with my son, can handle becoming an instant father, and who doesn't already have two or more children of his own that he has to pay child support for. Not to mention that there needs to be some attraction and similar interests. I used to hope that he would even be a swing dancer. I hate to say that I am settling. I suppose I could continue dating for the next 10 years and settle when Guy is 13 and I am too old to have any more children so I become a second mother to my new husbands teenagers. I guess I have given up in my search for Mr. Right. So for one to say that I could have any man doesn't mean much to me. Unless I just don't know where to meet them.

A recommend is now a requirement, not just a bonus.

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