Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Emerging Valentine

Paul gave me a call at work on Valentine's day too. He had just enough time to drive down to my neighborhood before he had to drive back to Salt Lake again to catch his flight. He wanted to see me again before he left.

I was surprised that he would take the time to do that just to see me for 25 minutes. I hurried off work to meet up with him. We met in a parking lot and just soaked up each other's affection. It was light and easy. It was strange to see him in the sun light and I noticed features about him that were hidden in the dim lights of the night before. I wanted to just look at him and learn about him.

He invited me to come to Austin to visit him there. I liked the idea, but I was unsure of how it could possibly work with Guy and my parents, etc. He offered to pay for my flight with his frequent flyer miles. I was again surprised at his generous offer and I knew I could never make it if I had to afford the flight myself. I tried not to get too settled on the idea, yet it sounded so tempting.

We didn't talk about much, it was almost like we were sunbathing under one another's gaze. The time was short because he had to catch a flight and I needed to pick up Guy. I went my way and he went his. I could feel myself starting to fall for him. I knew I liked him, but I was still holding back knowing that being with him would have eternal consequences. It still didn't stop my heart from aching for him.

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