Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Queen of Blues

I checked in with the Swing Forum after I broke up with Frank to become reaquainted with the current swing venues. There was a post from an out of towner looking for a place to dance while he was in town for one night. He suggested either swing or Blues. I took some time to look into what the city had to offer that night. It was the 13th of February that he would be in town, the night before Valentine's Day and it seemed that most of the clubs were saving themsleves for the next night, but I did manage to find a regular blues band that plays on Mondays at the Zanzibar. I had never heard of the band, nor had I been to the club so I really didn't know what it had to offer, but I threw it out there to see if he or anyone else was interested.

So, he takes me up on the suggestion and it turned out that we were the only ones up for it. It became a date between the two of us and he even offered to take me out ot dinner before. I didn't know whether or not he was a Mormon and expected that he wasn't. It didn't concern me because he would only be here for one night and he lives in freakin' Austin, Texas and we were just two people who wanted to go dancing.

He is a Vegetarian, so he asked about a vegetarian restaurant. I found several restaurants online, but finding one that was open on a monday after 6pm was the challenge. There were a few to choose from, but the first one we met at had changed names and was closed, so I hopped in his car (while I was getting my purse from my car, I realized that I didn't have my drivers license with me. I had pulled my old stunt again and left it in my coat pocket from the dance the previous weekend) and we searched for the next one on my list, only to discover that it too had closed already. Then it occured to me that the Olive Garden would be open and I know they have vegetarian dishes.

We both had the eggplant parmegane. We talked about religion, and how we got into dancing. I told him I was kind of new to Blues dancing. I took one very basic lesson last summer and I got a taste of it from some of the guys that I knew how to dance it, but I let him know partly as a warning because I really didn't know what level I was at, so I didn't want him to be disappointed.

After dinner he was cool enought to drive down to my house so I could get my ID so we can go dancing as planned. In the car we discussed ex-spouces and shared some crazy things we have done. The time I went skinny dipping is what I usually think of first.

We found Zanzibar quite easily. I was this little whole in the wall with a tiny stage and dance floor and some table and chairs set up in front of the bar. There were a handfull of people there diggin the band, none of which were dancing though. We sat through the rest of the song that was playing then he ( I give him the name Paul, after an old crush I had in college the he reminds me of), Paul asked if I wanted to dance.

I was immediately comfortable with dancing with him, which is important in Blues because the dancing is done so closely. He is a very smooth and easy lead. I loved how he payed such close attention to the changes in the music and lead accordingly. The band and the audience seemed to enjoy watching us. We only had two songs before the band took a break. When we sat down after the second song he sarcastically (60/40) asked me,"Will you marry me?" We both chuckled. I guess I was doing ok out there. I told him I wasn't sure how I would do because it had been a while and didn't have much experience at it. He assured me that he would dance Blues with me any time. He brought up the point that if we were to tell the other people there watching us dance that we had never danced together before or even met before tonight that they wouldn't believe us.

While sitting together he asked what I want to be when I grow up life goals, like my owning a costume shop. He shared some stories of when he worked in the wardrope department at his High School. He even admitted that he can sew!..and that he has been mistaken for being gay, but he assured me that he isn't.

He felt the impulse to give me a neck massage and I wasn't about to refuse. He is so gentle and acurate about the massage that I was melting like butter. Now I was really loosened up for dancing again when the band came back to play.

We were falling in love on the dance floor and in front of an audience. We sat one out for the guest singer. There was a magnetic pull between the tops of our heads as we sat together closely. Then the pull rotated to our faces and settled on our lips. It seemed natural that we should kiss and we did. It was a little reserved because of the setting, so it left me wanting for more. We had a few more fabulous dances before we left.

He drove me back to my car. We lingered to enjoyed each other's company and affection for a while longer, durring which time I tried to explain to him why 'we' could never be because I want to marry some one in the temple so that it will last forever, but I think all he heard was, "I can't marry you because you are not Mormon."

(By the title I am not implying that I am the queen of blues dancers, but the queen of having the blues over always having to break up with my dates.)

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Sounds like an amazing night!