Thursday, February 16, 2006

My First Night Out After Being Ungaged

I promised myself that I would Dance or Die!, the weekend after I broke it off with Frank. This kid I met from an online service, called me up to invite me to a dance happening at Trolly Square. On my way there I realized as I listened to the ad on the radio that it was an LDS Promise dance. I wasn't sure just how promising it would be.

I wore my tight little jeans with the pink kitty on the rear, a pink shirt and my white rabbit fur coat that I bought recently at a thrift store. I was considering selling it on ebay because it's a little small, but I think I changed my mind. The dance turned out to be not so bad. I think my coat got me noticed. I danced with four different guys and gave out my number to two of them. Both wanted to take me out salsa dancing. One of them owns a used car lot. He has some sweet rides of his own. The one guy that actually caught my eye, left before I got to meet him. I saw him watching me dance but I think he was turned off by what he may have thought was competition.

I danced the last fast dance with the kid that invited me. He is a R&B musician from England. He used to be a professional dancer, but he suffers from Arthritis now. He asked me for a ride home. We took a detour by way of Dee's. The guy is 40 years old, does not have a car, and works temp jobs. I paid for his steak dinner. He acted hungry, but admitted he did not have the cash, so I told him to order whatever he wanted. He promised to make it up to me and take me out to dinner another time. ie: I can drive up to Salt Lake and pick him up in my car so we can go out to dinner at Arctic Circle so he can buy me a burger. I just had hot chocolate.

No, you can bet I won't be going out with him anymore. I wonder if he would give me the number to his friend who just moved to PG from Denver, that I met at the dance?

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