Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Messy Fracture

Frank was continueing to call me at work. I very much disliked when he would call me there because I have not choice but to answer the phone. I don't have any one to screne my calls for me. He was still very hurt about our breaking up and he kept trying to get me to explain myself to him. I didn't like having to repeat myself when it was very difficult for me to explain in the first place. He would tell me that I couldn't hurt his feelings any more than I have, but truthfully I could have. I was very careful to let him down easy. I know he was fragile and I didn't want him to think that he had done something wrong, because he hadn't.

I tried to be patient with him and allowed him some time to come to terms with it all. When he would call me he would go around in circles while I would just sit there and listen to him and occasionally say, "OK, I don't know, maybe, I don't know, not right now..." And I am supposed to be chipper and answer the phone in between and deal with people walking through the lobby, etc. I would tell him I need to go, and he would ask for just another minute, and tell me something that I already knew or ask me something he knew I didn't know.

I really felt like hanging up on him a few times. One time we were disconnected and he assumed I had hung up, so he called me right back. Finally, he kept me on the phone for nearly 20 minutes while I was at some one else's desk. He was asking if we could could continue to date each other again. I had already told him that I didn't want to. It just seems strange to me when I go on a first date with some guy one night, then go out with my former fiance the other night. It would be too confusing to me and to the people that I date. I strongly believed that we needed a break. I finally had to get very stern about it on the phone with him.

He asked me to call him later that night but I did not. After not hearing from him for a week, I began to be a little concerned. I felt that I should call him to make sure he is ok. I also thought that I might stop by to install some software on his computer that I had been meaning to do prior to the break up.

I guess it was a bad idea to call him. It got all his hopes up again and he started running around in his circles again with me on the phone. I didn't have time to stop by and I stopped answering his phone calls to my cell. The next morning I had three VM messages and two emails. They went from, "It was great to hear from you again, I know you still care, I'm sorry for what I said...to.... I need some closure and I would really like to have my ring back from you, you are not all that anyway and you are selfish and you don't really care."

Before I could even read the emails he was calling me at work again. Three times he called me! I told him that I could not bring the ring to him tonight because I have plans and that the ring itself does not make it over. He wanted to give the ring to the teen age girl from the Sudan so her family could pawn it. He realized later that he was just asking for it out of spite and to hurt me. The last few times he called were to apologize for what he had said and told me that I can keep the ring.

I told him not to call me for a week. In a week we will check in with eachother and see if anything has changed. He seemed to be satisfied with that and I have not heard from him since. Aparently he has removed my number from his phone.

He was looking forward to dating this other girl that contacted him about the same time I did initially from the dating site. I hope things go well with them.

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