Friday, February 10, 2006

A New Member of the Family

November 5: Guy and I went to Petsmart and got him a new pet. When he picked out a fire belly toad for his friend's birthday, I promised Guy he could have one too. But he decided he wanted a mouse instead. So we set him up with a new cage and all the fixin's. Her name is Ebony because she is all black. My brother's cat sure likes her!

Little did we know that we should have named her Houdini. In a week, we discovered that she managed to squeeze her way out of the cage. I spotted her one morning on my way to work, but she darted into some clothes that I looked through, but I could not find her again. Two days later I put on my coat and I was alarmed when I felt something moving inside the sleeve. I ripped the coat off, after I let out a little yelp. I felt around the coat to find her, but I could not feel her when I set the coat on the floor and ran my hands over it. I put the coat on again, thinking it was either my imagination or that she had escaped from the coat already. Then again I felt her crawling in the lining of my coat. I managed to trap her and put her back in her cage.

I put more wire around and through the wider spaces in her cage, but it didn't keep her from getting out the very same night. The cat discovered her in the pantry. I was able to corner her and put her back in her cage, after putting more extra wire on it.

This mouse got out yet again. And she stayed out for several weeks until we started moving to the new house. We had all written her off, but there she was all along in Aaron and Kari's pantry, scarfing down the beans and peas.

She had become so fat this time, that she can no longer fit through her cage!

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