Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Great Escape

I asked my parents if I could bribe them to watch Guy for me while I went away for the weekend with some guy from out of town that I have been out with only a couple times and they have not met or even seen a picture of and who is not a member and is going to pay for my flight so we can go dancing all night long in another state.

For some reason they didn't go for it. Paul had already bought my plane ticket. I was upset at first, and then I started thinking of ways I could sneak away. I could just leave Guy with them without them knowing and call them later and they would have to watch him. Then I had a better idea to have some one else watch him for me. I thought I would call on X to watch him since he owes me a life time of favors anyway. He had offerred before to watch him, but I wasn't comfortable with that yet, so now was a good opportunity.

I made arangements to meet with him at his place to talk over the possibility. I wanted to see where he lived and find out if Guy would be comfortable there. It was strange to be in his place and see things that I recognized. I felt easy, yet I remained concervative. Some of the emotions came flooding back to me. Mostly pleasant ones though.

He was willing to watch Guy for me for the weekend, but he just took on a new job that started a few days before I would be leaving. He suggested that maybe his girlfriend might be willing to watch him on the nights that he had to work. He would get back to me after he talked to her about it.

When it was time to go, Guy didn't want to leave. He was having a good time checking out all his funky knick knacks.

It turned out that he and his girlfriend broke up that same night. He found out that she had been planning on cheating on him if not already. She also accused him of still being in love with me. I asked him if there was any validity in that. He admitted that there was. Although he had not persued it, he realized that he was still in love with me and he longs for the good memories that we once had.

So, now here we are, both single and available again with no boyfriends or girlfriends to get jealous each time we met up. Not that there was anything to be jealous of. We had a good chat on the phone, but now I needed to find another sitter for Guy for the weekend. I could think of some friends in Cali that would watch him for me, but I didn't feel comfortable handing him over to any one I knew in Utah. So what does Paul do? He books a flight for Guy too! We figured we could drive to Sacramento to drop Guy off and head back to SF, then pick him up before we leave again.

I got busy and started calling around to my friends in Sacramento. I struck out a few times and I was getting kind of discouraged. I finally had it arranged where one friend would keep him Friday night through Saturday afternoon, and another friend would keep him Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

So, things were working out, allowing me to go. I had the primary Sharing time presentation all prepared for some one else to pick up and present for me (which I stayed up late finishing Thursday night. I didn't have a sub, but I brought the ward and primary list with me to make some calls.) I had the suitcases all packed and in the trunk, I had the day off of work, two plane tickets, my drivers licence (I made sure it was in my wallet as I was packing the night before), some friends in Sacramento to watch Guy for me, and one handsome, generous man to show me a good time in SF, oh yeah and a chaperone, too.

How did grandma and grandpa feel about all this? Well, they didn't know until Friday night when they got my voice mail telling them that we are in Sacramento and that we won't be coming home for a couple days. I was afraid to tell them I was still planning to go, for fear that they might take drastic measures to stop me, like take away my car keys or anything else they could think to do. So, I kept it a secret until we were already there.

I had a little bit of a break down in the airport parking lot when I made a double check on my license and I couldn't find it in my wallet. I panicked and started searching around when I looked again and found that I just put it in a different slot that I normally keep it. Phew!

My adrenaline had been rushing all that night and into the morning. I felt like I was back in High School again and sneaking out and feeling a little suspicious and paranoid. I could finally relax a little once we got on the plane.

I got some earphones so we could listen to some music. Blondie was playing and Guy and I shared the head set so we could rock out. Then I let Guy listen and I looked over later and he was playing air guitar, nodding his head and making the "Magnum" look on his face.

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