Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The One Sided Valentine

Valentine's Day has never produced any memories of romance for me. It doesn't seem to be a good time of year for love for me. I think the topper was a few years ago when I broke up with my X on that very day.

This year, I called off my engagement just a week prior to V Day. So, naturally I did not have any great expectations for this Valentine's day either. I guess Frank had some thing else in mind though. He was still not ready to let go. He was still fighting for me love and trying to win me back. He knew that it wouldn't be that day or next week or even next month that I would be ready, but he still had hopes for the not too distant future.

At work people's sweet hearts were coming in and out carying a balloon and a card or getting roses sent to them or going out to lunch with their honey bunns. Well Frank called me up to tell me that he is coming by because he has something for me for Valentine's Day. Later in the afternoon he shows up at my work with 8 red, heart foil 'I Love You' balloons, a dozen white, pink and red roses, and a bag full of goodies at the end of the balloons. In the bag was a card, (In Spanish, mind you because they were all out of English ones). On top was a mini strawberry cheese cake, (that I ate half of at work). Under that were several jewlery boxes. The first had a long string turquise necklace. Another box had a matching turquise bracelet. Then another opal bracelet. And the last box had a pink CTR ring that happens to fit my ring finger.

It was all much too much. I didn't feel comfortable accepting all of it, but I didn't want to be rude. He was smoothering me and telling me how he wants to marry me some day and going on, and trying to kiss me, but I held back a little. He said he knows he can't buy my love.....but...he sure was trying.

After he left I got all kinds of Oooohhs and Aaahhs from those that walked by my desk. "Wow, is all that for you?, oh my gosh and those too?!" I just sat there emberrased and wanted to hide. To some I had to explain that, yes we really did break up and no I'm not leading him on.

Uh huh..

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Sariah in Vancouver said...

Wow. I can understand why you felt that way. I don't think I would have felt comfortable accepting all that either. Ya, a few balloons and some flowers is one thing... but... the jewelry!

On one hand, boy does he have it bad for you! And it is flattering to a point. But on the other... how awkward.