Friday, February 10, 2006

What Did You Say The Answer Was?

October 4: My man and I are doing great. My bishop asked me to see him last Sunday. He is so concerned for me that he prays for me each morning and night. He told me how the Lord was speaking to him at the Ward activity earlier in the week, telling him that I need to be married. He wanted to find out what has been happening in my life and if there was anything he could do to help me find a husband. I told him about [Frankenstein] and I told him that I still go back and forth about whether he is right for me or not. My Bishop gave me a blessing that I would receive an answer within a week that I may know what is right for me. I went home that night and made a wish list of the things that I want in a husband and compared [Frankenstein] to that list. He scored about 80%. Then I prayed for an answer. The answer was "Yes, Yes, Yes, one thousand times, YES". About the same time I was praying, Robbie was being arrested! Is that ironic or what?

I should explain that Frankenstein was in Arizona for about 10 days, working on a job for his friend installing shelving for a new store. After I studied and prayed and got my answer and read the scriptures, I got a call from Frankenstein. He was out with his friend and on his way back to the hotel he called me from a pay phone and said he would call me when he got back to his room. I never heard back from him.

His friend became worried because he did not come home that night, nor did he show up for work on Monday, so he reported him missing on Tuesday Morning. We learned, rather quickly that he was in jail. I finally hear from Frankenstein later that a fternoon. He tells me how he decided to have one last night of "sin" or what ever, so he had a few drinks. After he got off the phone with me, he had an accident on his bike. The police arrested him for obstructing traffic because his bicycle was in the road. They kept him in jail for two nights until noon on Tuesday, after they could have a court hearing.

In my prayer asking for an answer, I confessed that I have a hard time trusting myself or the Spirit. I let him know that I would need a solid answer, one that could not be misread or mistaken. I also asked for greater faith, that I may not doubt or question whatever answer I may receive.

I still do not understand how I could have received such a strong positive answer about him at the very moment that he is off having some drinks in a bar.

Before I even knew this and I only knew that he was missing, I was ready to write him off and I got back online looking for some one else to go out with.

When I finally spoke to him on Tuesday, he was so very sorry and appologetic, that I had compassion on him and decided to forgive him. He gained a new sense of commitment and wanted to become engaged. I began looking for green diamond rings on ebay, and I had one ordered by the time he got back.

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