Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another Get Away

I managed to come up with enought money to go to Sacramento for the Lindy Exhange last weekend, with the help of Frank. He does not know that I splurged the money on going dancing in Sacrament, or even that I went.

It was a pretty selfish decision for me to go. Especially considering that my father just found out that he likely to be loosing his job in the next month. My mother still hasn't found work yet. My brother and his wife are also struggling and they are having a hard time affording their rent to my parents. They knew that I was hurting financially because I am not making any money right now while I am trainging so they donated the ping pong table for me to sell and keep the money. Besides that they had just paid for the fee to be reinstated on the training. I had already made the decision to pay that back to them, but my mother requested it of me when she found out that I had been squandering my money to take off for the weekend.

She also told me how she felt like I had violated their trust when I took off without telling them when I took Guy with me to San Francisco last month. She was grateful this time that I at least told her before I actually left. I explained that the reason I did not tell them last time was because I was afraid that they would try to stop me. She responded with the question, "And why do you think we would try to stop you?" I replied, "Because it was a wild and crazy thing to do."

I had enough money by Wednesday night. I told my mother Thursday afternoon and I planned to leave Friday morning. Those that I knew that were carpooling out had already left by Thursday evening, so I was too late to hitch a ride or take a passenger. I wanted to have a car while I was there anyway so I could get around to see my friends. So, I would make the drive to Sacramento alone. I was not trying to hide this fact from my parents, in fact I mentioned how I didn't think Guy would do too well on the long drive there, so I needed them to watch him for me. Somehow my mom thought that I was able to get a flight for the next day or something because when I called her from Nevada she figured I was there already and I told her I was only half way across Nevada. Then came a lecture about how I need to make wise choices regarding my safety because if anything happened to me, they would be responsible for Guy.

I was surprised at how few times I got drowsy after staying up late or early, depending on how you look at it for two nights in a row. I pulled over and got out of the car and once I took a short nap if I started feeling sleepy. I was going pretty fast. I remembered that X and I made it in 8 hours one time and I thought it would be possible to do again, but I realized that must have been a record and I wanted to get there before the dance that night was over. I was watching for police the whole way and when one came up behind me while I was going 95, I looked back to see if it was and I figured if it was they would have pulled me over by now so I kept on going. I should have pulled my butt over as soon as I saw them, just to be safe. I got a fat ole' ticket of $225 that I guess I'll be paying for with my wedding ring if it will ever sell. I have listed it for the third time on ebay, against the request of Frank.

My drive there was a humbling one. I got a lecture from my mother, a $225 speeding ticket, I couldn't get a hold of any of my friends, so I still didn't have a place to even stay while I was there, and two truckers decided it would be fun to play a gave of block in the little green car so she can't pass us for ten minutes while we go 60 miles an hour. I am not kidding. One truck decided to pass the other one, just ahead of me. When the truck in front of me in the left lane was just a few inches past the truck in the right lane they continued to keep the same pace so that they were perfectly diagonal from eachother. They continued this for a couple minutes until I honked. I guess that was the wrong thing to do because then the truck on the right sped up so that he was perfectly parallel with the truck in front of me. For TEN freaking minutes they kept this up. I just let back and threw my hands up, and became more enraged with every second that passed. Once the cars started backing up behind me and I whipped out my cell phone and attempted to call the "How's my driving #", the truck in the left finally fell back and got behind the other truck. I was fuming. Now I am not the type to express road rage to other drivers. I am usually pretty patient and mind my own business, but I could not let this go excused. I so much as gave the truck drivers the finger and said, "F you and you too, A Hole!" Anyone who knows me, would be surprised to hear that out of my mouth.

It was dark by the time I got to Donner Summit and they were expecting snow, and I could not find my chains, so I was lucky that it was clear, but it was raining and I almost would have preferred snow to the scary conditions that the rain posed. I was white knucking it the whole way as the trucks zoomed past and the overspray blinded my view. The lane markers where no longer visible from the winter season so I couldn't even tell who's lane I was in or if I was on the shoulder. Besides that my windshield-won't-whipers were clearing the whole window exept for the area directly in front of me. It was the scaryest 1 1/2 hour drive I have ever done.

I finally heard back from a couple of my friends when I was just getting into town. Teri invited me to stay with her and I invited her to come out dancing with me after she went dancing at her studio. I stopped at Target for a couple of things and changed in my car behind the store. Then went to the East Star Temple, downtown for the dance.

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