Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Coming Out

Sunday night, I began researching some Art colleges. I had LA in my mind because they have both fashion and swing dancing! I requested some information from several colleges, as well as sent out a dozen more resumes.

Monday I got two phone calls from AIU following up on my request for more info about their Fashion Design and Merchandising BA degree program. I found it hard to answer their questions about when I would be prepared to attend school there because at present, I don't even have a job, let alone enough money to up and move to another state.

The second person I spoke with called me back the next day, as scheduled and we talked more about what my career plans are and my committment level, etc. When he begand talking about moving to LA, he could sense that I was a bit uncertain if and when I would be able to do that. He was coaxing me and told me how he moved there with only $200 in his pocket. I told him it would be different if it were just me, but I have a son that I am responsible for also, so I can't take such a risk as that. He understood and when he told me not be scared, I realized just how scared I was and it triggerd me to start crying. I tried to hide it, but couldn't for long. Then I tried to explain that there is much more going on in my life right now than my decision to go back to school. He seemed interested so I shared with him how I have been a Mormon and just recently decided to leave the church and I haven't told my parents yet because I know they will not take it well.

He was taken in. He had such empathy for me because, as he confessed he is gay and had to go through something similar with his conservative parents. He shared how he even had to have a guidance counselor to help him know how to be himself. He called this my "Coming Out" story.

He took me on as his own little project. He encouraged me to get out of my parents house and to make it my goal to work and save some money until the semester starts in September of this year so I can move to LA to follow my dream to become a Fashion Designer!

He said he would call me a couple times a month to follow up with me to see how I am progressing. He suggested I go to Apple One and gave me till the end of the week to do that. I had already planned on it, so I set up an appointment for the following day and applied online.

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