Thursday, April 13, 2006

Visiting Hours Are Over

X and I agreed that Guy could visit with him for a few days now that he is in his new place. I told him that I might bring him up on Sunday night. That didn't work out for me, so I figured I would bring him on Monday morning. I finally got myself and Guy ready about 11. I didn't have any way to contact X because he still doesn't have a phone in his new place yet. So I took a chance and headed on up there so I could concentrate on the transcribing.

I found his appartment from the directions that he left for me on my phone with the last few minutes of his phone card. I knocked, but no answer. I tried a few more times and nothing. I left him a note by his door in the convenient little clips they have nailed in the wall. I figured we would go get some lunch then try again later. Still no answer. So we went across the street to the playground for another 30 minutes and tried one more time to reach X. No luck, so we started out on our 50 minute drive back home. I felt like it was a wasted day.

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Editor said...

He Sounds like a real winner.