Sunday, April 23, 2006

Garage Sale

I held a garage sale on Saturday. Most of it was stuff that Frank brought down from his friend's parents' house. They are moving back to Florida. I contributed some of my own stuff too. I even parted with Guy's toddler Radio Flyer Car and the 50's buggy that he slept in.

We had a pretty steady stream of customers. Frank made some signs to help draw in the customers. We sold about 10 boxes of books, all of Guy's 2T clothes I put out got snached up and some maternity clothes and some men's suits, dress shirts and coats...and so much more. I tried to sell things off for cheap. I knew it would be better get rid of it than risk them becoming not interested and ending up having to keep it.

I think Frank was seeing dollar signs and I think he hoped that I would make enough for him to get a piece of the goods. I understood that he was doing me a favor. I actually lied to him about how much money I brought in. I made $380 total and I told him I made over $200. Well, considering after having to pay my speeding ticket of $227, I only had $150 left. Minus $50 to my parents for the reinstatement for the medical terminology course, that leaves me with $100 to buy Guy a pair of shoes, myself some underwear ;) and a few groceries.

Monday, I decided that I would have another garage sale this weekend. Then I got a call from Frank and he said he was planning on hauling the leftover stuff away and having a "real" yard sale. I suggested we make a joint effort where he can sell of the rest of the stuff that he contributed and I can pull out more stuff from my stash to sell and we could keep the profits from our own belongings.

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