Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter With Superman

I got up on Sunday about the time I should have been leaving to go to church. Every one else trickled out the door as I began an attempt to make some Hot Cross Buns, as I traditionally do for Easter, ever since my mission and Sister Heslip made the most delicious buns that they toasted with butter and poured maple syrup over. I got the recipe from her, but I have never been sucessful at making them as good as hers.

This time I planned to use some bread mix that Kari gave me that had a recipe on the package for Hot Cross Buns. I think I foiled it right from the start when I followed the directions that said to mix the yeast with the dough and then add the hot water. I think the hot water changed the mix and caused it to not rise. Another batch gone wrong.

Superman was scheduled to come at One o' clock. I scurried around making some finishing touches towards tidying the house. Guy went outside with Grandpa to use his new bouncing ball. I was just finished getting ready when my brother made the announcement that HE is here. Everyone else got to him before I came out. Boy, were the eyes on us.

I greeted him and shook his hand. He met Guy and my parents. He was pretty friendly with Guy, but he was acting shy like he always does at first. He asked Guy if he could trade eyes with him and he complimented me on my outfit. Superman talked to my dad about the Real Estate market while Guy did his ritualistic show-and-tell of his toys. I sat close by and payed some interest to Guy and listened in on the conversation between Superman and my father.

We sat next to each other at the dinner table. He was expecting my mother to serve everyone because that is the custom in Ecuador. He must have been disappointed when I asked him to pass the salad. Hehe.

I was feeling pretty shy. It was a situation I have never been in. One, I have never been set up in this way. Two, I have never seen my family so interested in a suitor for me that actually came to dinner at our house. Three, they were actually talking me up, quite blatently.

They all took turns asking him questions about himself. Most of which I already knew the answers to after chatting with him. He shared his conversion story with us, and I could see the excitement in their eyes because of his strong convictions and feelings about the church. He told how he grew up in the Caltholic faith and he was very active in the youth program there. Even so that he would go around to other Catholic services and preach to or lead in some way in the activities of the youth. At some point when he was 18 years old, he found that there were some questions that the Catholic church either skimmed over or could not answer to his satisfaction. He said that he began to search for the answers to his questions in other faiths. This is what brought the Mormon Missionaries to his door. He asked them his questions before they began the discussions. He was satisfied with their answers and so they began with the discussions. On the Second discussion they showed him a picture of the Temple. He was so impressed with it that he set his own baptismal date for the following Sunday so that he could enter the Temple in one year from that date. Immediately after he became a member, they called him to be a counselor in the Young Men's program. Only two weeks after than, the Young Men's President was called to be the Bishop and subsequently, he was called to be the YM President, only two weeks after being baptized! He made grand efforts to reactivate the youth in the ward and bringing other youth to the church. When he joined the church he also set a goal to go on a mission and he earned and saved the money that he needed to do so. He served amond his native people. My family was grinning from ear to ear. Superman appeared calm, yet enthusiastic as he spoke. But still, there were times that I could sense his subtle quivering of nervousness.

Then my father mentions how I was an excellent missionary and actually baptized several people into the church. I interjected, "Well, not personally." Then they bragged about how I was a traveling sister and I was priveliged to attend the meetings with the Zone Leaders. And how my mission President wanted to keep me there. I was not used to hearing such praise.

When my mother served her Heber City Carrot Cake, the subject turned to food. Superman mentioned that he enjoys cooking, but that he hasn't got the hang of baking. Almost all at once, they began telling him how great of a baker I am. They even went as far as to say that I should make a cookbook. I hardly think I am up for such a task. I only have a few favorite recipies that I like to make. Kari told him about when I used to send them carfefully decorated sugar cookies in the mail for the holidays and how they used to devour them. I'm sure I was blushing by then.

He had an activity with his ward that he was obligated to attend, so he didn't stay long after dinner. My mom sent some carrot cake with him and suggested we give him some of the Hot Cross Buns I made. I was reluctant. I had tasted one earlier and figured they were not worth the calories. Kari helped make excuses for me as to why there not very good, (after she had just boasted about my baking skills). She blamed it on the old mix that she gave me. Regardless, we put a few in a bag for him, so he could throw them away in his garbage can as I did a few days later with the remainder of the buns.

He thanked every one and said good-bye. I walked him to his car. He commented again about my outfit and said that it reminds him of what they might wear in the a Latin country because of the bright colors and also by my jewelery. I had on a bright green blowse and my black hipster pants, and a new green necklace and dangly earrings. Now, I finally had something to say. I told him that my wardrobe is influenced by many styles, eras and cultures. He suggested that we go salsa dancing some time. I agreed. He explained that he won't be able to go out again for a while because he will be having company the following weekend and then he will be gone for the next month for business. So, it won't be until June that he will be available again.

We told each other how it was nice to meet the other in person and he went on his way.

My family was pretty pleased with themselves with how well it all went. Personally, I felt awkward, embarassed and put on display. I was even feeling a bit intimidated. I could see my family had high hopes for us. What a new sensation it was for my family to be excited about the me seeing some one. It was only one date. I still hardly felt like I got to know him. The two of us barely spoke to each other.

It was way too soon for me to assess my feelings for him. He was handsome, to be sure. He is charming, intelligent, spiritual-including regular temple attendance, responsible, steady, confident, and slightly humorous (perhaps more so under less of a pressured situation), not to mention that he dances-still to be determined how well, but interested none-the-less. He is all the things that I ever thought I wanted, yet so far from the type of guy that I am accustomed to dating.

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