Thursday, April 27, 2006

Your Comments

I just now discovered the "Moderate comments" tab. I clicked and found and approved the comments that have been left since I have been back. They made some improvements in the security of the comments so that I have to approve them before they are posted. I am glad they finally made the change because I was really annoyed at the few advertisements I was getting in my comments. Some people have no shame.

Anyway, I wanted to say Thank You for your comments. I know I am probably breaking the hearts of some of my LDS readers, but I have no appologies. It's amazing how the stress, guilt, depression, frustration, and pressure have all vanished. I no longer feel the urgency to be rescued from my imaginary tower by a priesthood holder who will take me to the temple, and be sealed to Guy. I can live my life in the present...right here, right now...because that's when it's happening and I have been letting it slip away while reaching for something that I cannot control.

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