Friday, April 21, 2006

A Greater Conviction

I was up until 5 am reading a book online written by a former member of the church that tells about his conversion to Mormonism and then to Christianity....the contraditions between the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

Some of the subjects I read up on were: the symbols on the temple, the contradictions of Joseph Smith's testimony regarding what and who he saw and when, the rituals practiced with the Freemason Cult, the errors in the Book of Mormon and it's contradictions to the Bible, the 4,000 revisions and the forgery of the excerpts from the Bible.

I went to bed with an even stronger testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is NOT true.

The next morning I realized that I couldn't relying on Paul to rescue me from having to relay my discovery to my parents. I decided that I would move out on my own as soon as I was able. I had a job interview this morning for a full time job with a temporary employment agency. If I get the job, I will work towards that goal of moving out within the next month.

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