Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Sky Bar

I got a call from Freddy, (a guy I met at the LDS dance a few weeks back), but I didn't get back to him until the next week when his friend found me online to tell me that he was hurt that I didn't call him back. I was still interested in going out with Freddy, so I figured I better call him. His friend told me that Freddy had a profile on the same web site, so I looked into it. I found out from him profile that he has not been to the temple, but I called him anyway to find out what his story was. By the end of our chat session, his friend, Ivan ended up asking me out to dinner too.
I called Freddy to see if we could go out and we made plans for the very same night. He invited me to the Sky Bar, downtown where they have salsa dancing. I met him at his place. He literally has a used car lot in his yard. He didn't want to leave just yet because it was still early, so we chatted lingered there for a bit. He said he had been looking at my profile and said he didn't know that I served a mission, because he usually doesn't date Return Missionaries. He claims they are too bossy. I asked if he was taking back his offer, I pretended to start to leave.
Then he starts telling me about his eating habbits and how he eats mostly organic fruits and vegetables. Then he gave me nothing short of a lesson on the Word of Wisdom and got out Doctrine and Covenants Section 89 to review with me. He pressed the issue on eating meat sparingly or in times of cold and famine. Is there something about me that says, "I am a carnivore. I eat meat between two slices of bread at every meal and I loath exercising?" Why did he think I needed to hear all that. Was he just sharing his testimony of the W of W with me to make himself look good?
I thanked him for the Sunday School Lesson as he decided which car to take, the yellow Mustang? Oh, it doesn't have plates, so the Eddie Baur SUV it is.
We got there in time for the salsa lesson, not that we planned to. They started with the basic and taught a couple intermediate moves, then busted out with what seemed like a pretty advanced move at the end. Freddy warned me beforehand that he can dance to any of the other music except salsa. He did fine in the lesson, but forgot most of it on the dance floor. I was ok with it, I know it takes time and practice to get it down.
I did feel the need to move a bit more so I asked if he minded if I asked the instructor to dance. I did pretty well with him. I was not accustomed to his style or some of his moves, but I was hanging in until he pulled the advanced move that he taught in the lesson and my shoes stuck to the floor and kept me from spinning like I was supposed to and I tripped a bit. He gave me a couple pointers and told me that I am pretty good and asked if I have taken lessons. I told him I have taken a few.
We sat at the table for a while and arm wrestled eachother and sipped on our drinks. I learned that he joined the church as a teenager because his martial arts instructor was a member. He had been inactive for the last probably 20 years and was just starting to go back to church. He is not at all interested in going to the temple to make more covenants. He is basing his judgements on his customers who he does free financing for who tell him about how they go to the temple, but they are irresponsible with their payments. So, he does not see how it would benefit him.
He got me to share about the times when I tried alcohol. I told him I didn't like the taste of it. The only thing I could manage to get down were wine coolers. But that phase in my life didn't last long and I don't believe I ever got very drunk.
We also talked about how the members in Utah are so relaxed about their religion. He was aware that the church was different here compared to the members in California. He said how you could be talking with a person and asking if they are a member and they will say, "Of the church? Sure," as they take a drink of their beer.
Eventually, they played some merengue and reggaeton that Freddy felt more comfortable with. We saw Freddy's other friend, Jamie on the dance floor for a second, too. He asked me out a couple times, but it never happened.
It occured to me how different the cultures are between salsa dancing and swing dancing because there is such jealously among the men that there is very little exchanging of partners going on, where as in swing we switch it up at every song. Perhaps it was because it was more of a club atmosphere because I do recall that they didn't mind trading partners when I went salsa dancing in Sacramento.
The croud on the dance floor was getting it on and we agreed that we had had enough fun, so we left. He invited me to come in, but I declined. He walked me to my car and asked if he could kiss me. I permitted. It was like kissing a monkey, no not a monkey, I don't know but it was pretty strange. He doesn't have much in the way of lips so his teeth are right there and his mouth rarely closed. *Shutter, shutter*

He called me the next night and invited me to come over to "party with him". I asked what he had in mind. He said, "Oh, you know, we can get some drinks and just chill here." I asked what kind of drinks. He said, "Well, I have some beer or what do you like to drink?" Well, Freddy, I don't drink alcohol. "Oh, well what do you like to drink? You like wine coolers, right?" I told him I don't party like that anymore. Then he comes out and says he was just kidding and he wanted to see how I reacted. He says he just wanted to invite me over to watch a movie. I told him I was already planning to go dancing....alone!

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