Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Skillet

Friday, I made it a point to check out a semi new swing venue in Sandy that they call the Skillet. I'm not sure I get the name, it sounds more like the name of a restaurant to me. It's located in a dance studio under the Sandy mall.
It was a pretty small croud out. I guess there were usually more kids from Provo that come, but none of them were there that night. I saw a couple people that I knew. Emily, Ryan and Ken. I don't think there's a swing dance happening that they don't attend. They are truly die hards. I also met a few new people, including the instructor, two other people from the forum and some newbies.
Raymond even made an appearance at the last hour, with his girlfriend for the night. I can never read him. Sometimes he is friendly and others he tries to avoid me. I think it may be when he has a girlfriend present that he is standoffish. Eh, whatever.
I got to talk with the instructor for a bit. He was telling me how he and his wife teach the lesson there and go to the exchanges. They wanted to move to Cali, but he had a hard time finding work there and they just bought a house here. He was living proof that guys like him do exist. Where is mine? I ask you?

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