Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Never Ending Story

Monday comes and Frank is back from his trip to Zion, where he and his buddy were looking at some property they might develop. He calls me to get the swatches that I picked up on Saturday and the sketches of the curtains that I drew.
He came that afternoon with a bag full of stuff for Guy and I with my ring, (I guess it was just a test to see if I was willing to give it back to him if he asked me to) at the bottom and a lunch from Wendy's. I gave him the swatches and a box of his childhood pictures and papers that I discovered in the garage over the weekend. He looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I thought he was going to start whimpering.
He trapped me at my car while I was looking for a cd he thought I had in my player. He told me that he realized that he doesn't want to hear about the guys I date. Then he asks me how I am doing. I confess that I am going through a trial. He asked if it is about a guy or guys. I said, "Of course." Then he started prying and I told him I don't feel like I can talk to him about it, as he just got done telling me that he does not want to hear about the other guys in my life.
He persists, and asked if it has to do with that Paul guy. I told him it was. He asks me if he had proposed to me. I told him no, but that I am in love with him, and that he loves me. He finally started to quiet a bit. He was confused, as am I how I would consider or even get involved with someone who is not a member when Frank's activity was a major issue in our relationship. I couldn't explain, but I assured him I have not made any plans for promisses to anyone.
He finally left, now that he was hurt.
He called later to see if he could take Guy out with him the next day. What does it take to send him the message?
I had to tell him, no. I told him that I don't see us getting back together. He expects explainations for all these things and I told him I just don't thing we are compatible. Then he assumes that I have been lying to him for the last 8 months, as if I never had feelings for him. I let him believe what he wanted, just as long as he leaves me alone. I think he was finally getting the message.
He called two times later that evening. I listened to his 5 minute long complaint message where he tells me that his sisters think I am loose canon and that his brother said he thinks this girl he is starting to date is an upgrade from me. (He just told me earlier that afternoon that Liz is nice, but she is no Trixie.)
Then comes an apology email, the next morning, for what he said to me in his messages, followed by advice on finding a good man in the church to be a good example to Guy, etc.

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