Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Still Pouring

I guess I made it through the week. I had two almost good days on Monday and Tuesday, even with the news that I would no longer receive assistance for daycare from the state because I am not technically employed. So I have to pay for the last two weeks on my own plus the next two weeks to comply with the two-weeks-notice that the daycare requires.
I think I was even convinced that life without Paul would still go on. Then Paul came back from his trip to Hawaii and we started chatting and talking again and I realized how much I missed him. It's nice to have a shoulder to cry on, even if it is virtual. If I had a friend like me though, I think I would get tired of her complaining about all the petty shit that happens to her.

I am constantly tight rope walking and apparently I'm not very good at it, but my parents are always there like a safety net to catch me when I fall and I hate it. I remind myself of it everyday. I have a very independent personality, yet I am completely financially dependent upon my parents.
Well, they had to bail me out again last week when I found out that because I downloaded the practice test when I was first starting up with the Medical Transcription last May, and it has been more than 6 months since I turned it in, because I have been completing the terminology course, now I get to be reinstated. This consists of reapplying, sending an updated resume and paying a $50 fee. Well isn't that nice? I don't happen to have 50 extra dollars sitting around. I never understood the concept of charging a person so they can work for you. If I had money to spend, I wouldn't be looking for a job, now would I?
Friday I was about to post the jewlery that Frank gave me for V day on ebay. When I couldn't get my camera to work, I decided to try to take them back to the store. I knew where he bought them and they still had the tags on them. I suspected that they would probably give me a gift card for the amount because I didn't have a receipt, so my plan was to make a purchase with the gift card then return the item that I had a receipt for. (Of course they have gotten smarter these days and they can tell that you purchased the item with a gift card from the receipt and to keep their money they would just give me another gift card, but it was worth a try, plus I just needed to get out.)
Just my luck, the items he purchased were on sale, which means I got even less credit for them. Guy and I went up and down the escalator and elevator a couple times, then I found a pair of Googly, large white sparkly sun glasses and a pretty pearl and blue retro brooch to purchase for the amount of my gift card. It turned out they were on sale too, so I still had credit on the card. We wandered through the mall for a while and came back to the department store. Long story short- I was able to convince the store manager to cash out the $20 left on the card. Well, that would be enough to get me in to see the Red Rock Hot Club at Zanzibar and to pay the sitter, then I would be back where I started. Good enough for me.

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