Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New YA Ward

I went to my home ward on Sunday, as usuall to teach my primary class. Then I came home and turned around to go to the Yound Adult Ward by noon. I think I had high hopes for making some friends and meeting some good guys there. It being fast and testimony Sunday, and me being new, I felt impressed to bare my testimony, which is also an opportunity for me to introduce myself.
I got up the courage to go up to the stand. Besides introducing myself, I didn't say much except that I love my family and my Savior and I expressed how I was looking forward to when my trial was over and I could look back on it knowing that I had made the right decision and that I was looking forward to meeting some new people and making friends in the Ward.
I spoke briefly to the girl I sat next to. She told me that from the time they formed the ward, a little over a year ago, it has doubled in size. They asked the new people to meet in the Bishop's office for an orientation meeting. There were four of us attending for the first time. The Bishop of the ward lives in my family ward and his daughter has watched Guy for me several times. He was expecting me because my bishop told him that I would be coming. They reviewed their activity calendar and mentioned a goal setting program with a guide that they would like for us to progress in and meet with the Bishop about on an individual basis. They mentioned something about curfews and I was rolling my eyes in my head.
Then they took our pictures for the ward list. I finally got to attend the last 5 minutes of Sunday School. The sisters in Relief Society were pretty friendly with me.
All in all, I felt very welcome by everyone. I know it's the activities were I will really get to know them, though.

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