Monday, March 20, 2006

The Red Rock Hot Club

Friday night, I treated myself to some hot jazz, compliments of the Red Rock Hot Club that played at Zanzibar on St. Patrick's day. I heard about it from the swing forum. There was a small group of kids planning to go, I would have gone regardless of who was going. I was just excited to get some culture.
There were about 8 follows and 4 leads. I got in a dance with Grant just after I got there and it was the only time I danced, but I was content to listen to the live music and watch the other dancers. I met some new peole. One girl from So Cal who has a 7 year old and another girl who is on a newly formed swing dance team in Salt Lake. I was secretly so jealous. But not as jealous as I became of the couple who came in later who actually started the team and teach lessons together. They were such a pleasure to watch dancing. If I had a partner to practice and learn with I know I could dance like that.
I didn't let it get me down. I actually made it home with no tears tonight.

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