Friday, March 03, 2006

Return of the Ring

I got a phone call from Frank on Wednesday. He had what he thought was some news he wanted to share with me. He called to tell me that he was planning to take out a life insurance policy for himself with Guy as the beneficiary! I was thoroughly surprised and annoyed. I asked him what he will do in the future, when he has a different wife and kids that he will be responsible for. How would they feel about knowing that he has an insurance policy that was going towards some one else's child? He paused, then said that he is not worried about that. That means, he did not consider that when he made the decision.
I told him it would make me feel uncomfortable. He started to insist that is was his gift to Guy, because he made a promise to him and he doesn't want to break his committment. I told him, he is three years old, he doesn't understand what he commited to. Besides that, it was ME who broke the commitment, he does not need to feel responsible for Guy any more. He didn't back down, but he mentioned that if he finds out that I spent the money he will come back from his grave and kick my butt. I was appalled. Then he went on to say that he thinks that I am a bit of a Gold Digger!
Yeah, that makes sense. I mean after all, I was about to marry him for
He mentioned the ring again and how he felt like I should have volunteered to give it back to him. I was going by the standard that the bride is allowed to keep the ring, as a gift. Besides I do love the ring, but it is not worth him continually asking me for it.
I was pretty disturbed by the time I got off the phone with him. I made up my mind to return the ring to him the next day and call it quits, for good, once and for all, finis, nada, done!

I went to the temple the next morning after I dropped Guy off at Preschool. From there, I returned home to get the ring and put it back in the box it was mailed in. I called Frank to find out where he was working because I was coming up to see him.
He was all excited to see me and he must have thought I had Guy with me too. When I get there, he is grinning and staring and hands me a boquet of flowers. He wants me to take a look at him and notice how he has changed and lost a little weight. I honestly didn't notice anything different. I just wanted to give him the stupid ring and tell him I don't want to see him again and get out of there.
Instead he wanted me to come up to the condo that he is renovating. I tell him in the elevator the reason why I am there. I told him how I didn't appreciate some of the hurtful things that he had said to me lately. He blames it on the Zoloft that he went on a couple days after we broke up. He broke down in tears as we talked in the bathroom. He filled my hands with a gift for Guy and a bag of chocolate chip cookies for me.
He dried his tears and told me that the owner of the condo wants some red velvet curtains made for the windows. He asked if I was interested. I told him I would and he promised that I would be paid well for them. I was glad to have some work, knowing that I am basically unemployed.
He walked me down to my car and wanted to show off his new truck to me. I took a look and he begged me to go for a ride with him. I resisted, and he persisted, like always. He kept me away for another 40 minutes while he parked and begged me to at least "take another look at Frankenstein", later. I told him, I couldn't promise him anything, but he acted as if he would just lay down and die if I took his hope away from him. He says he still prays about us and weather or not he should marry me and he says his answer is always the same, yes.
I figured I didn't have anything to loose, because he said it was ok if we don't end up getting married, just as long as I "took another look". I shrugged and said "ok".
We finally got back to my car and he acted like we could be just friends now and he wanted to know what I had been up to. I had been sheltering him from any hint of where I had gone the weekend before, but he was asking for it, so I let the secret creep out.
I wrapped it up with him and left SL....or had I wrapped it up?
As I am getting on the freeway, I hear him calling me. I let him talk to my voice mail. He wanted to talk to me about the curtains. *Sigh* ...why did I agree to that?

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