Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's a Dirty Job....

I didn't get to go to church on Sunday because I was called into work. It was the first time I have worked in a few weeks and I could certainly use the money.

I was sent to the home of an elderly couple. She is pretty much immobile and she was constipated so I had the priveledge of helping her with suppositories and an enema. I suddenly didn't miss work as much as I thought.

Although, my boss is sure going to miss me. I spoke with him briefly the other day and he wanted to offer me a room so that I could stay here and work for them. He said they would adopt my son as their grandson, too. I guess his grandson just moved to Florida, so they rarely get to see him.

I contacted the Comfort Keepers in Kaysville and told them I am moving to Pleasant Grove and I would like to work for them. I would be quite some distance from them, but I figured they probably have accounts over a large area. They refered me to an office in Salt Lake that is just getting started and even suggested that I start one down in Pleasant Grove. I don't think I am prepared to do that at this time, though, or ever.

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