Friday, May 20, 2005

Contestant # 1

I went on my first date last night, after being here 3 days. I didn't know if or when I would be able to get away because I attempted to find a sitter for Guy, but the few girls I could get a hold of had dance or tumbling class. I'll have to do some networking on Sunday at church to find out who is available on what days.

He wanted to go out last night, but I told him how I couldn't find a sitter. He told me later that he didn't mind if I brought my son along with me. After my date with Jeff, (who didn't care for the idea of Guy hanging out with us because he was afraid that people assumed that he was his son) I am impressed with guys who are ok with it.

We met up at the Mayan for dinner.

I guess, HE needs a name....we shall call him Raymond. This is also the name of my 6th grade crush. I met him on the Utah Swing Forum, which I joined a few weeks ago. He is a combination of something like, French, Spanish and get this...Inca. He speeks Spanish and French, too. He is 33, a part time computer technician and he just started his own business...which he has yet to fully reveal to me...something to do with smoothies.

His parents moved to Utah when he was 7. They joined the church shortly after they moved, but only remained active for a year or so. He doesn't claim any religion of his own. He has taken the discussions a few times and read the Book of Mormon twice, but never jumped in. He has also researched a few other religions.

Living in Utah, it happens that he has only dated LDS girls. All the relationships eventually ended because of his not being a member. He said himself that he agrees with the teachings of the church. I asked him what it is that is so unatractive to him about the church and he said it is more of the culture of the people that he dislikes. I couldn't agree more, but all that crap mostly comes out of Utah, not from the Gospel. There is no doctrine that states that you cannot hold a garage sale because you should be donating it all to DI. And no Prophet ever said that the non-member kids on the block should not be invited to your child's birthday party.

All in all....I like him =) He is open, honest and understanding. He has style...instead of jeans and a T shirt, he wore a button up collared shirt. Mmm, he has thick, dark wavy hair, tan skin, a nice voice and body. I have yet see him dance or dance with him, but if he is volunteering to assist in a Lindy class at a Jr. High, I'll assume that he can quite well.

We agreed that neither of our pictures did eachother justice. He told me I have nice hands and feet. I thought it was interesting that he would notice such a thing. He also said that he likes Guy's hair and the way I dress him and that he seems well behaved.

He has already sent me an email and a text message today saying that he was impressed with me and how much of a good time he had. I hope I can see more of him soon.

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