Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cheesecake With Chopsticks!

I went on a picnic with Raymond, yesterday. We went to Liberty Park. The weather was perfect. The sun warmed us up and the zephyr cooled us down. I picked a spot next to the pond, in the grass, on the side of a hill. We had fresh mango with salami and mozerella sandwiches on french bread.

I told him I had a surprise for him after. He asked if it would do him bodily harm. Then he thought for sure I was going to give him the book The Miracle of Forgiveness. I laughed. He said he has about 6 copies of it at home. The surprise was that I made some cheescake for us.

What was even more surprising was the way we had to eat it. I forgot to bring forks, so I stopped in this Vietnamese market near the park to get some...well silly me, they use chopsticks! So, I figured they would do the trick. Turned out, he had never used chopsticks before. I showed him how to use them. He managed to get the cheescake to his mouth, and we were cracking up about how we were eating cheesecake with chopsticks!

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