Saturday, May 28, 2005

Doctor, Doctor!

Guy started coughing again, quite hard on Thursday night. It has continued off and on throughout the day. Yesterday I got a peak inside his throat while he was laughing and his tonsils appeared swollen and I thought I even saw a white spot on one, indicating that it is infected. I suspected Strep Throat.

I had plans to take him with me to a barbeque and swimming today, at the guy's house that I met in the park. Instead, I had the joy of taking him in to see the Dr. at a med clinic. I am crossing my fingers that they will reimburse me for the out of state visit under my insurance.

I tried to prep Guy of the fact that we would be going to see the Dr. because he has been coughing. He did not begin to freak out, as I expected him to. In fact he even started up a conversation with Kari about his last visit to the Dr. "Doctor go my bum." take his temp. Kids!

He was calm as could be until they called his name to come back from the waiting room. He began to whimper, but he did not fight me. He was even still to allow the nurse check his oxygen and listen to his lungs and look in his hear. I didn't have to request assistance to help me restrain him. He barely put up a fight, although he continued to whimper. The Dr. suspected that it could be Strep, too. They took a culture, at which point we had to lay him down and I held his arms above his head, but he did not attempt to kick the nurse in the chest while she was getting it. I was utterly amazed at his behavior.

He has made so many improvements since we have moved. It's almost as though he is out of his comfort zone and he feels a need to grow up, some. He has sat on the regular potty a few times. He even volunteered to do it himself. I suspect it was a retreat from the bathtub, but I was still tickled at the fact that he was sitting on the potty. Nothing went into it, but if you knew what it has taken to get him to do a simple thing such as that, you would understand my excitement.

He will even take his medication willingly. I no longer have to sit on him and pray that he doesn't choke on it as I force his mouth open and squirt it in only for him to spit it back out all over. It is such a relief because I was having to give him the antibiotic 3 times a day for the Pneumonia and now this strange concoction of Maalox and Benadryl every few hours to soothe the latest virus he has. Something related to Hand in Foot Disease, with fewer symptoms, not including the rash on the hands, feet or the white mouth.

So, after chilling at home with Guy all day and missing my latest big chance to get out, I decide to check out a couple of LDS chat rooms. I was in the room when this guy comes in. I glanced at his picture and saw that he lived in the same town that the guy I was supposed to see today lives in. I will name him Parker now, because we met in the park. I take a look at his profile and wonder, "That would be funny if it were Parker." I continue looking at his pictures and I see his little girl too. It was unmistakably him. I went back into the chat room and attempted to bring it up to him, but he was already gone. I wonder if he saw me. Should I send him an email bringing to his attention that we are both on the same site? I'm sure I will, cause I'm tacky like that.

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