Friday, May 27, 2005

Bachelor # 2

I have been talking on the phone and chatting with this guy I met online. He moved to Washington a few months ago from Utah. He is here for a few days to visit. He is a member of the church, and about the time he moved to Washington, he decided to become active again after 15 years of doing his own thing. I made conversation with him because I noticed that he likes salsa dancing and it went on from there. I'll give him the name, Vincent.

He came over last night after going to a party at his friend's house. He invited me to come up, but I didn't have anyone to watch Guy, so I invited him here instead to "watch a movie". Well, it was 2 AM before he had his fill at his friend's party. I let him come over anyway, like the pushover that I am. I knew what was going to happen and I was prepared to have to be the one to keep things in line. I was comforted in knowing that my brother and wife were home this time, although asleep they could be awakened.

He confessed that he had a couple drinks at his friend's party. As soon as I started the movie, he leans over and begins kissing me. "I just had to do that," he says. I have no idea what happened in the movie and I'm a little baffled by some of the things he said to me. He said things like; "You're the Bomb." "You would make the perfect wife." "If I came back in a few months, would you go to Vegas with me?" "I have never felt this way before." etc..

I honestly could not concur. I was turned off by the fact that he had been drinking, and by his persistence in having his way with me. I tried to console him and encouraged him to work at being active again. He feels like his greatest weakness is being morally clean and that getting married would annul him of this. I asked him about drinking. He brushed it off and claimed that he only drinks because he is so bored. ????

Will I be throwing in the towel and eloping to Vegas this summer?...I think not! I have sacrificed too much already in my quest for a lasting temple marriage to just throw it all away to become someone else's scapegoat and fulfill his fantasy.

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