Friday, May 20, 2005

The Anticipation is Over

We made it! We are here, in Utah. Not without challenges, though. We decided I could leave before the Pontiac sold and leave it here for my mom to take care of. We bought a 2001 blue, Hyundai on Friday. It required a few repairs including new brakes in order to pass a safety test. So, it was in the shop all Saturday and we found out that one of the parts would not fit correctly, so they would have to order a new part, which would not get in until Tuesday or Wednesday. I thought I was going to have to stay another week. I thought I might go mad at the thought of it.

We discussed our options and figured I could take my mother's car out and she could drive the Pontiac or the Hyundai when it was done. So, that was the plan Saturday night.

I figured I would get in one last chance to dance, so I went to the Blues dance and performance at the YWCA. I even got there in time for the last half of the lesson. There were not enough leads as usual, so I gave it a try and did ok. I stayed for part of the dance and met some really great dancers. Wow, Blues can be very sexy!

I talked with and danced with the instructor during the dance and found out that he has been dancing the blues since he was six. It was the first type of dancing he learned and he has done an array of other types since. I have danced with him before and I could tell he was a fabulous dancer, and that just made him that much more desirable.

When I returned home, Guy was in bed with Grandma and Grandpa. He had a cold a few weeks ago and the cough lingered. I thought he was coming down with another cold and he ran a slight temperature that evening. He also layed around in bed for a coulple hours Saturday eveing, so I knew he wasn't feeling well. My mom said that his breathing is very shallow and quick. She suspected that he has Pneumonia and suggested that we take him to the hospital.

My dad wanted to leave early Sunday morning. Early meaning 4am, early. We realized we better take Guy into the Emergency first thing instead. We got to the Hospital around 7am.

Of course he did not cooperate with the nurses. One would have thought that we were sticking him with a hot branding iron, by the way he was screaming and crying. Nurses would come by the room and say that they could hear him at the opposite side of the Hospital. He had a temperature of 103 and his oxygen was low. They took an X-ray of his lungs and discovered that he does in-deed have some Pneumonia. The Dr. Prescribed an antibiotic and an inhaler. We told the Dr. we had plans to be driving across the desert to be moving today and we asked if we were safe to do that with him. We were releived when he told us that he should be fine now that we will be giving him medication.

It was actually kind of nice that he was so tired. He was content to sleep most of the way, instead of being restless and wanting out of his seat. My dad shared war stories from his experience in Viet Nam with me. There are a few that I have heard him repeat a few times. But this time he shared ones that I have not heard before.

We arrived at our new home at 11:30 pm. Aaron and Kari greeted us. My dad stayed over for one night and flew back on Monday afternoon. The weather was nice all day until I dropped him off at the airport. A terrible storm came in. Aaron called me from his cell phone on the freeway. He was on his way home and he told me that he had just passed four semi trucks that had been blown over. He could feel the wind picking up the tail end of his truck, too! Thankfully, he got home safely.

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