Thursday, February 17, 2005

That's Why This Lady is a Tramp

I had the day off today and I got several things accopmlished that have been on my list of things to do for a few months. It feels good to have them done.

Although it wasn't on my list, one thing I did today was trying Square Dancing for the first time, unless you count the brief introduction in Junior High. The woman that I am caring for on the weekends with brain tumors, her and her husband were square dancers. I committed to her and her friends who are former presidents of the Square Dancing Club that I would attend. Her friends were there and he said he would be my partener. He first told me that I would have a hard time keeping up because it wasn't the first of the lessons for the group. I told him previously that I was a fast learner.

Once we got into it, he told me I was doing well. It's pretty easy compared to other dances I have done. You don't even have to be on the correct foot. Just listen to the call, turn around and come back, or whatever the case may be. I found it pretty easy, and they were all impressed and wanted me to come back next week. I told them I couldn't next week, but soon. I honestly don't think I will make a habbit of it. It was fun to try, but it doesn't really satisfy my dancing urge.

I wasn't planning to go swing dancing tonight, but I couldn't get my fill with Square Dancing and I was already out, so I took the opportunity. I had to drive 50 miles to get there, but what the hey?

First thing, the fella I kissed last week wanted to know if I had had any thoughts about our kiss. I pulled him aside and I had to tell him that he is every woman's dream, including my own. I told him he is sexy, handsome, sweet, (he even fits the cliche "tall, dark and handsome"). But as far as having a serious relationship with him, I am looking for someone within my own religion. He said he figured. He asked if there was any law that would keep him from kissing me again. I told him, "None that I know of."

Then he goes on to tell me how I he had a hard time going to sleep the night we kissed because he kept thinking of me. He asked again how the painting was treating me. I confessed that it is in the closet. He said he wished he could hide in my closet and he would sneak out and tackle me at night. Hot Damn! There are times I wish I wasn't LDS.

He proceeded to hug me about 4 more times. He doesn't seem to be to concerned about what other poeple think because as we were walking away he said out loud, " Ooh, you almost got me going again, Trixie".

I almost hate to mention Burp after that, but he was there too. I asked him to dance to Ella Fitzgerald singing, "Now I Can See the Light". I heard the song on the way over, in the car too. He does one turn out with me and he got this look of discust on his face, as though I had done it all wrong. After a couple more tries and getting the same reaction, he stopped and goes on about how swing is about connectic energy and something about how I should not stop moving in a direction until he leads me into another. He tried to demonstrate something, but appearantly it wasn't getting through to me. Then he back me up into the rail and tells me how dancing is all about sex. He says the idea is to not wear out your partner because then they won't have energy for sex after the dancing.

I don't think I agree with him when it comes to swing. Hip Hop and other dirty dancing, ok, I'll buy it. But, I think that's what I like most about swing is that you can show it off without actually showing it. I am open to learning new techniques and I wish I knew what he was trying to get me to do before he gave up when they broke out into a jam on the floor.

In swing, each partner has given steps that they are to take. Granted there is room for improvisation, but there is a basic skellaton that is followed to keep the dancers from being lost. I don't expect a person to lead me to do each part of the basic step. Isn't that my job to keep that in tact between the other leads?

Anyway, having said that I am still open to learning new techniques and styles. In fact, I bought myself a Hip Hop Dance video, in part to incorporate some moves into swing dancing. Besides that I felt like I needed to broaden my horizons and try something new. It's not totally foreign to me. I took Jazz dance for many years, which I loved and there is some similarlities in the two. It may even improve my salsa dancing. I just have a hard time sometimes letting loose and getting down and dirty. I was taught to save that for the bedroom, like a lady should.

Am I really ready to shed the image of a Lady? I guess that's all it is lately, is an image.

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