Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Kiss in the Closet

I just got back from swing dancing tonight at one of the few lasting swing venues. I took my first lindy swing dancing lessons there. I wasn't quite 21 at the time, so I was glad they had an age limit of 18. When they closed, I was too young to go to the other venue it town and consequently lost my dance partner.

They opened the club back up and I started going there when I got back from my mission. I think I still had that Missionary Glow and the bar tender asked me what makes me so happy. I told him perhaps it is my faith in God. Then he piped in, well what about Jesus Christ. "Yes," I said, "Him too."

We chatted briefly about how our faith helps us go on, but mostly we would exchange flirty glances with eachother. One day, I gave him a "Book of Mormon". He brought it up once to tell me that he had not read in it. A non-member friend, (who took the discussions when she was in High School) was with me and she told him it's only good for burning anyaway. I could have killed her.

Last time I was there, he let me have one of the paintings that my ex-husband painted. They are trying to sell them off, so he didn't want anyone else to know that he gave it to me. When he greeted me tonight, he asked how the painting is treating me. I told him I haven't hung it yet. He asked if I was planning to throw darts at it. We laughed. I explained that I mostly wanted it for my son to have later.

Then he goes on about how we have known each other for a long time. I agreed. He asked if he could give me a hug. Of course. When we pulled away, he told me how it felt really nice and asked if he could give me another. I abliged. The second one lasted much longer. Then he pulles away and says, suprised, "I almost kissed you."

"That wouln't have been so terrible." I reply.

As I am changing my shoes he comes over and sits next to me and says he's started thinking about that kiss. He asked me to be sure to let him know when I go and maybe he'll sneak a good-bye kiss. I told him I would.

Then he starts complimenting me on my hair and my smile. I start getting gitty, surprised at how he was pooring on the charm. Although, he has always been complimentary, he was on to me tonight.

He kept sneaking peaks at me on the dance floor. He made the comment,"You know how we have always looked at each other as if we were each other's favorite dish." Then he asked me what my favorite dish is. "Cheesecake with blueberries on top," I say. He told me his (something) taste like blueberries. I told him he is making me hungry.

Towards the end of the night, he came onto the dance floor and sat next to me. He was wishing he could dance like the people out on the floor. I assured him he could if he practiced. He figured if he has a good instructor he might do well. He said, "I bet you could show me a thing or two."

I said, "I'm sure that goes both ways." Then the eyes... He told me again how he is looking forward to that kiss. I told him I have never anticipated a kiss before, like this. Referring to my friend, he said, "But you've got your body guard with you."

"Not really." I shrugged.

He suggested I take a break for some water and follow him off of the dance floor. I did. He lead me into a closet near the entrance. Mmmm mmm, then we kissed. It was extreemely passionate. He starts telling me that I am a great kisser and how his heart is pounding in his chest. He says other girls have wanted to kiss him, but he found it easy to turn them down. "But you," he says, "You are exciting."

I never would have imagined a guy like him would say such things about quaint little ole me. I mean, this guy is a super sexy, hot, hunka hunka burnin' love, macho man! And he is telling me that I am exciting and he can't get enough of me.!?

OH, yeah. Burp was there. He asked me to dance before I saw him there. It was the only time we danced. I told him good by as I left and he gave me a hug and began to give me little smooches on my neck. "What is that?" I asked.

"Nothing you haven't experienced already." he grinned.

Yeah, and a thousand other girls too!

I mean, what is his deal? Here's my phone number and email, but I'm going to erase any emails from you and act annoyed when you call and not call you when I say I will. Then I'm going to ask you to dance then kiss on your neck and send all sorts of conflicting messages.


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Steve said...

And I thought that only women did things like this! Myself, I get annoyed with (and generally tend to stay away from) people who give signals like this and then say no when you ask them out.

You should try going to lindy exchanges, such as this one as well as to local bars and clubs. It's really a close-knit community and the people you meet are really good at dancing, so you can improve your skills.

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