Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm Gonna Wash That Big Dirty Rat Right Out of My Hair

I went swing dancing on Friday. There was quite a crowd there. I met a lot of new people that were there for the first time. I also noticed a good number of more advanced dancers. I made an effort to dance with as many of the better dancers as I could, just so they know I am there. A few of them said they have never seen me before and thought I was visiting. I recognized most of them, but they rarely bother to ask anyone outside their little click. I like to stir things up a little.

That night they had to improvise and use the two smaller rooms because there was another event going on in the main floor. They had the usual play set in the larger room, then they played the slower blues music in the other, smaller room. It was fun to be able to go back and forth if one room got boring. I got brave and asked some of the guys handing out in the blues room to dance. They like to dip their partners a lot and lead them into these shoulder rolls....very sexy. I have never danced that way before. I didn't even know I could move like that.

Now that's the kind of dancing where the lead has more freedom in movement. It was not easy to "let my hair down", so to speak. It's like being putty in their hands. I had to concentrate so much more than if I were doing the lindy. It was challenging and I want to do it again and again!

Why must I end all my great dancing blogs negatively with a report on how Burp was a jerk? I hope I have learned my lesson. I asked him to dance about half way through the night and he said he had already promised someone the next dance. I let it get to me for a little bit, then I was over it. Then, as we were about to head down the stairs to leave, Burp calls to me, "Hey, You!"

"Who, me?" I reply. What I should have said was, "I know you ain't talkin' to me."

He came over and trapped me with his arms while he fed me some excuses about why he didn't get to dance with me because his friends allow him to get in for free in exchange for his showing the new dancers a good time. He had the gaul to call himself a local celebrity. I offered to pretend that I was a beginner dancer. He said, "Pretend?, you are a beginner. You need some lessons."

I swung my shoe bag at his butt for saying that.

What could he teach me except how to be a smooth talker and a pimp walker?


Whitey said...

You only swung at his butt?

I would reccomend swinging closer, centered at the same height.

Its guys like that who mess it up. Especially being that he's mormon. People like that are part of the reason I did leave the swing scene months and months ago.

Im sorry 'bout that.

Shauna. said...

Pretentious A-hole. Man. That makes me so man. I could just spit. Probably should have. Next time maybe I will. I still say he's creepy.

Shauna said...

*mad. That makes me so *mad*. Not "man". I can't type. Blah.