Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The 'C' Word

I saw Burt again last Friday. He told me on Thursday that he would call me Friday and let me know if he would be going or not. He didn't call, but he was there. He eventually came over to say hi and he apologized for not calling me. He said it was a long story, but he figured if he came he would see me here. I shrugged it off and said ok. He thought I was being cold and indifferent. I told him he didn't need to explain. He went on, "I told you I was going to do something and I didn't."

Was he trying to give me a hint? Was he really saying he will never call? Why did he give me his phone number if he didn't want me to call him? If he was trying to be polite or lead me on, why not just ask for my number, then never use it rather than let me go through the embarassment of actually calling him if he would only be annoyed by it? Was it too much to send an email, and call two times within a week? I was in bed sick most of the time so it seemed like forever to me.

I am finding it impossible to find a man that is a worty Priesthood holder, Hip, and who's NOT afraid of commitment. As if the three characters cannot co-exist. Are they a contradition to one another?

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