Monday, February 28, 2005

Career Path

I already know what I want to be when I grow up, it's what I want to do right now that's got me stumped. I have finally concluded that I am going to need some specialized training in order to make more money regardless of what I do. I contemplated becoming a nurse, or an art layout manager for a fashion magazine in LA. I talked myself out of the nurse idea because I am afraid that I would make a mistake on someone's med.s and get seued by their family.

What I aspire to be is a costume designer for movies, TV or opera. I would be happy to get involved with the local High School Drama department, too. I even started to make plans to become a Home Economics teacher for Jr. High/High School. Now that we are moving I would have to pay out of state tuition if I started attending school right away.

Ideally, I could find a short training course for a job that I could do at home so I could flex my schedule, save on daycare, and spend time with my son. Medical Billing seemed to fit this discription. I was turned of by it when I learned that once through with the training I would be expected to go out and market myself to the Doctors to try and drum up some business for myself. That is not something I want to stress over.

Then I learned that there are/ or is a company that will hire you once you have completed the training. They have you work in their office for aprox three months so get further training before they allow you to work from home. I would much prefer to work for a company than be self employed. If I can get my typing speed up and find an affordable school with training, I could make it work out in my favor.

Hopefully I can continue to work at my present job while going through the training. I just bought this laptop computer so I can work on assignments and practice when I have some down time, like right now at work.

I am really enjoying working as a caregiver. I find it quite satisfying. It is so much less stressful than my last office job. All my clients so far have been very pleased with me and they have made some super nice comments about me to people in the office. The scheduler mentioned that she is going to see about getting me a raise. I have already been making the top pay from the day they hired me, so I haven't had much hope for a raise, but I certainly wouldn't talk them out of it.
The scheduler was giving me some information about a job and afterwards I told her that I needed to talk to her about a couple things. She told me, "Just don't tell me you are leaving. If you did I would have to hang up the phone and pretend I didn't hear it."

I can relate now to how my mom has felt about leaving her job. Her boss told her the same thing a few weeks ago. She said she has been praying that she could find things that she doesn't like about her job to make it easier for her to leave when she has to go to Utah.

I mentioned to my mom again how much pressure I feel for being responsible for their financial future by them moving to Utah for my sake. Her response was that she doesn't want to be held responsible for hindering my future.

She has really impressed me with how much of a sacrifice she has been making in order for me to have a better chance of having an eternal marriage. Now if that doesn't put the pressure on, I don't know what does.

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