Sunday, February 06, 2005

Green Diamond

I just remembered that I dreamed recently that I was given a green diamond ring. In my dream, I was surprised at such a notion of a green diamond. Later in the day when I realized what I had dreamed I remembered that I used to want a green diamond in my future wedding ring. I had forgotten all about it over the last few years.

The wedding ring I did have was an antique. It was a silver ring with a rectangle garnet in the center, surrounded by rectangular and triangular cut mercerite. It took my breath away when I saw it for the first time.

A green diamond sounds like a good idea again. Blue might be more pretty. I wonder where I might even find such a stone. I know they exist, but they aren't exactly in demand.


Milton Drepaul said...

One of the principles I learned in dreaming is that when you receive a gift in a dream accept it.
This is even if the gift is out of place in your real world.

Trixie Granny said...

Thank you. I appreciate what you are saying. Actually, it was strange to me that in my dream it seemed out of place, because in my real world it is just what I have really wanted.