Thursday, March 31, 2005

My room is Finally Complete!!!!

What a relief. I got everything done, except making a frame for my oil painting. I bought the matrials for it, I just haven't tackled it yet. The rest is all in place. As you can see from the photos, Guy was messing up right behind me.

My parents spotted the headboard at a garage sale across the street. The toy box comes from India, I think. I got it at Cost Plus anyway, along with several other items of decor, like the alphabet poster, the monkey on the shelf, the yellow dice on my dressor and the frame for my larger print. Small picture frames, courtesty of The Dollar Tree. Ok, they didn't donate them, but they only charged me $1 for them.

I love how my tropical plant arrangement from WalMart looks on my shelf. It's just what I wanted there.

Coincidently, all of the paintings and prints have a woman in a green dress in the center. Man, I'm good.

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