Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Bummy

I made my fourth attempt to make Hot Cross Buns for Easter the way I remember having them in Canada on my mission. Our Land-Lord/downstairs neighbors/Ward Members invited us for Easter Breakfast at their house. Their tradition was to have Hot Cross buns; toasted with butter and maple syrup, with boiled eggs and fruit.

I asked her for the recepie for the Hot Cross Buns, but it has never turned out right. I learned that it is impossible to get a package of "mixed", candied fruit at any other time of year except the few month prior to Christmas. I say "mixed" because I discovered that it is mostly candied and dyed orange rinds with a few whole cherries tossed in.

I thought ahead this last Winter season and bought a package of the fruit I would need at Easter time. The trouble I had this morning is that I tried to use old Yeast. I figured if I just put a little more in that it would do the trick. I guess it's not like old baking soda. That dough didn't even pretend to rise. They turned out to be cold, un-crossed doughey-bunny cookie pucks. After a few trial runs I was able to improve the dough and get about a dozen edible buns.

I wanted to take some to the family party at my uncle's house tonight. Guy and I Went, but my parents were home blow-tortching the kitchen floor! Seriously, we have what's called Kyote Tile in the Kitchen. The Varnish became whitish in some areas quite recently. Through much research, they discovered that Vinigar can have that affect on the finish and the solution is to heat the varnish, which causes it re-adhear to the tile. What fun!

At the party, we had an indoor easter egg hunt, dinner, a bubble blowing bananza, then desert (a bunny cake, that my cousin made following a Martha Stewart recepie.)

On the way out to the car, I had my arms loaded up with cake carriers and bags of candy and bubbles. Guy was walking ahead of me and he started up running. I was glad that he was moving quickly because it was raining harder by then. When he reached the car, I asked him to stop to wait for me. Instead he started running even faster down the sidewalk. I asked him to stop and continued to call after him as I was running with my arms full and in my skirt and heals to try to catch him. I dropped my load when I reached the car and continued running after him. When I caught up to him I grabbed his jacket, but my legs were still going, so rather than stop and fall on top of him, I snatched him up by his coat for a few more steps until I finally fell backwards onto my bum into the street. He landed softly on top of my legs.

You can bet he got a couple of butt pats for that one and a serious, but loving lecture when we got in the car. Before we reached home, Guy spoke up from the back seat, "Sorry, Mommy!"

I told him thank you and I love you and again he said to me, "Sorry, Mom!"

Thank you, Baby. I just love you and care about you.

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