Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Am I Convincing Anyone?

I am so happy to be through with that treturous schedule I was working. This will be a much lighter week and I should be able to do some work towards getting ready to sell the house and move. I found out today that I don't even get paid for the overtime that I worked. Something to do with the hours being counted separately for each client or some BS.

I took some time to take care of some bills after work today and left Guy at daycare. I even paid off the PayPal balance from when I was scammed out of nearly $2,000. I was close to tears as I was writing the check. Heaven knows I could use the money and that dirty, rotten, cheating bastard stole it from me! OK, ok, I'm ok. Everything's going to be ok.

My brother called last night. He and his wife are having to look for a new apartment immediatly because there is some problem with the water pipes in their place and they have to shut off the water right away or there is a chance that their water pipes could burst. I suggested they just look for a house to rent and we could all move in there together until Dad finds a job and Mom moves out with us. The plan was for my dad, Guy and I to move out there early May and get an apartment while my mom stayed behind in an apartment of her own and continued to work here until my dad finds a job in UT, then she would move over into whatever house they find with us.

My brother and his wife are trying to work on their studies in order to enter the nursing program in the midst of having to move now, and work full time. I feel for them. I wish I could fly out there now and help them.

It looks like they have found a condo that will work for us all. It has five bedrooms, but only two bathrooms. They are going to look at one or two more houses tomorrow, possibly with more bathrooms. It will be quite a houseful. I hope they will be able to find a quiet place where Guy won't disturb them. I know Guy will want to be around his aunt and uncle all the time.

I hope I can find some good employment and not fall for another one of their multitude of scemes. I think I have learned to recognize the signs by now, but they are always coming up with new ways and new language to trick you into sitting through some 3 hour lecture on how you can be making six figures if you will just fork over $7,000 before you leave, or practice selling this $3,000 product to all of your friends and family before you realize that we only pay comission, not $17 an hour like our ad said. Ah, the the Utah complexities. Perhaps if I had a real career I would not run into so many of these lousy scams. They just seem to be so prevalent in Utah. I don't understand it. I'm sure that's not the only thing that I am going to find that I don't understand about Utah.

I expect there will also be things about me that Utahn's won't understand either. For example; why I don't have long blonde hair, wear a size 4 and shop at the Gap. It's ok, I can do this. I have done it before and I can do it again.

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